Wedding Dances 101

all about dancing at weddings
01/16 Posted by

Once the vows have been exchanged it’s time to party, which means, it’s all about the wedding dances and celebrating the new couple. Let’s hit the dance floor! No longer do you just have newlyweds doing the traditional waltz around... Read More

New Years Eve Weddings

new year wedding
12/15 Posted by

Any wedding day is a special time for the happy couple, but when the date is set for New Year’s Eve it adds a level of fun and excitement in the countdown to the ceremony! Few guests will forget the... Read More

Wedding Favors 101

12/15 Posted by

It’s all about the details when it comes to wedding favors!  We take you through wedding favors 101 to highlight those little signature items, trinkets, and tokens intended to be a small gift from the happy couple to thank their... Read More

The Culture & Tradition of Indian Weddings

Indian weddings
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The splendor of Indian weddings highlights a rich culture and treasured traditions as the happy couple joins as one. Indian weddings are in a class by themselves as lavish affairs with huge guest lists. And keeping with tradition, planning, at... Read More

Mazel Tov! Planning a Jewish Wedding

jewish weddings
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The joining of two people, especially in planning a Jewish wedding with a shout of “mazel tov,” is reflective of the couple as individuals along with their ancestral traditions and customs incorporated to create a unique ceremony.   Jewish weddings... Read More

Greek Wedding Traditions

greek weddings
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Greek wedding traditions can include formal traditions significant from the old country to modern touches. One thing is for sure, Greek weddings are generally large affairs requiring venues large enough to comfortably accommodate guests, mostly made up of large extended... Read More