Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 Options

11/23 Posted by

Give yourself a break this Thanksgiving and leave the cooking to us. Say goodbye to a sink full of pots and pans and hello to quality time with your loved ones. Our To-Go and Sit-Down Thanksgiving Dinners are the perfect... Read More

Welcome Kyle Goebel – New General Manager

06/23 Posted by

We are excited to welcome Kyle Goebel as the new General Manager of Roberts Centre, Holiday Inn and Ralph’s American Grill. In this position, Kyle will oversee the daily operations of each location, bringing a world-class experience for all visitors... Read More

Holiday Events in Southwest Ohio 2023

11/22 Posted by

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and Ohio knows it. Situated between the great cities of Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati and surrounded by numerous, festive towns, we are the best location to experience all Ohio has to... Read More

10 Perfect Prom Themes

Prom Theme
02/22 Posted by

We don’t want to be gone with glamour, but the “Old Hollywood” prom theme is just ho-hum. What should your committee pick to make your prom theme a modern celebration? We’ve got 10 perfect prom themes that you can pull... Read More

Music Event Planning Guide

11/21 Posted by

Regardless of genre, era, or culture, music has a unique way of unifying and connecting people. Watching live musicians perform touches the soul and fires the imagination in ways that pre-recorded music can not. Planning a memorable music event, whether... Read More

How to Plan a Car Show

Car Show
09/21 Posted by

The cars we drive say a lot about us. If you’re planning a car show in Southwest Ohio, we’re here to help. We’ve got the tips you need to plan a car show that your vendors, car owners and car... Read More