Please be “seeded!” – Wedding Seed Favor DIY

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Springtime weddings sprout perfectly appropriate flower-related favors. If you love this fun floral idea, read ahead for our wedding seed favor DIY. Wedding Seed Favor Frame Materials Although Pinterest has dozens of ways to create the perfect “Please be seeded” frame... Read More

Five Fun Alternatives to the Traditional Garter Toss

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Many modern couple are saying “I don’t” to the traditional garter toss. Perhaps you and your hubby-to-be are more private or you just simply can’t imagine him crawling around the floor for a garter in front of your grandmother; whatever... Read More

Eukanuba Hall Hosts Messenger Dog Evaluation

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Did you know there’s more to dog shows than trips around the ring? Beyond seeing which dog is the best example of the breed standard, many dog shows have specialty competitions that show off a particular skill such as agility... Read More