How to Get Started in Dog Shows

04/18 Posted by

Furry faces fresh to the dog show scene were plentiful on April 8th at our Royal Canin Ring. The Dayton Kennel Club’s annual Puppy Match ushered a whole new flock of pawed participants to the show ring that day. Also... Read More

Traveling with Your Pet

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10/15 Posted by

When it comes to traveling with your pet, there are a few rules of the road that owners need to know to ensure a good trip before packing up their beloved fur-family members. It’s a good idea to look for... Read More

Dog Shows 101 at Roberts Centre

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Just about everyone loves a cute canine and is drawn into watching them in dog shows highlighting their natural abilities and personalities. Whether you are attending one of the nations’ largest events like the Westminster Dog Show in New York... Read More