Planning the Perfect Prom

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The expert event planners at the Roberts Centre make it simple to plan the perfect prom. This celebration is a defining moment for many high schoolers eager to graduate or become seniors the next school year. The best prom events... Read More

10 Awards Banquet Ideas to Remember

06/24 Posted by

Planning an awards banquet is a moment to celebrate achievements and honor individuals in style. Whether your banquet is designed to thank employees for a job well done or to recognize the peers of your industry, your focus should be... Read More

5 Steps for Planning a Craft Show

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Whether you call them rustic goods markets, bazaars, or just simple craft shows, hand-made vendor events are big during the holiday season. We take you down all the steps needed to plan a successful craft show with our easy-to-follow guide.... Read More

10 Perfect Prom Themes

Prom Theme
02/22 Posted by

We don’t want to be gone with glamour, but the “Old Hollywood” prom theme is just ho-hum. What should your committee pick to make your prom theme a modern celebration? We’ve got 10 perfect prom themes that you can pull... Read More

Music Event Planning Guide

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Regardless of genre, era, or culture, music has a unique way of unifying and connecting people. Watching live musicians perform touches the soul and fires the imagination in ways that pre-recorded music can not. Planning a memorable music event, whether... Read More

How to Plan a Car Show

Car Show
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The cars we drive say a lot about us. If you’re planning a car show in Southwest Ohio, we’re here to help. We’ve got the tips you need to plan a car show that your vendors, car owners and car... Read More