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Congratulations!  You’ve picked the most romantic day of the year to celebrate your nuptials!  Whereas Valentine’s Day-themed weddings and, February weddings in general, incorporated hearts and red roses on the wedding cake, modern brides are looking to celebrate their theme with a unique sophistication.  What does this mean for Valentine’s Day-Themed wedding cakes?


Up the sophistication level with your Valentine’s Day-themed buttercream!


Next to seeing the happy couple, viewing the wedding cake ranks high on the list for guests followed closely by eating the delicious creation.  February brides want this cake to be a special extension of their theme, while commanding attention all its own.  Of course, motifs of love are a must for this holiday-centered confection.


The Obvious: Heart Theme

A rudimentary emblem of love, selecting a Valentine’s Day wedding cake with a heart shape beacons love from its layers.  To mix it up from the boring and oh so “done before,” see if your baker will create a topsy-turvy style with hap-hazard-looking, whimsical layers that slant every which way.


Veer away from the standard floral-covered heart cake with pops of color and slanted, fun layers!


Thinking beyond the shape, however, the sky is the limit on style.  Decorate the cake with edible hearts made of fondant; modern brides clamor for contrasting colors or those that look like rolled paper decorations.  Candy hearts are a sweet way to give the cake special flourish.  Cakes with layers covered in conversation hearts are cheerful and fun, whereas rock candy of any color on a cake adds sweet sophistication.


Fresh or fondant flowers are a traditional way to add a beautiful touch to the cake while paying homage to this classic romantic gift.  Wedding cake trends show brides incorporating more greenery, stems, and twigs into their decorations and sprays of flowers along a side of the cake, rather than in clusters on layers.



Winged-cherubs are out! Classy flora with visible greenery and stems are in for Valentine’s Day-themed wedding cakes!

Gone are the days of the smiling plastic bride and groom.  Consider a trendy acrylic heart-shaped topper to symbolize Valentine’s Day.  You don’t need a baby with wings on top of your cake to bring cupid in.  Arrows are totally “in” right now.  Many Valentine’s Day-themed wedding cakes have fun metallic arrow toppers that pierce the couple’s monogram.


Flavor: The Heart of the Cake

Valentine’s Day is all about rich chocolate, and the taste of the cake should be as stunning as the appearance!  Consider infusing flavors like strawberries, peaches, cherries or other fruit into a rich chocolate cake via icing or a hint of fruit in the batter. Want to up the decadence? Red velvet is always a win, but don’t forget espresso or mocha!


Other Sweet Goodies

Some couples are foregoing a traditional wedding cake and opting to serve other sweet treats like an assortment of cupcakes, petit fours or cookies.

Wedding guests will be impressed to find chocolate covered strawberries waiting as they are seated for the reception dinner. It’s a special touch that will likely have a lasting impact.


Treat your guests with a little unexpected sweetness!



As a wedding favor couples can give guests a small heart shaped box of candy. The box can be personalized for the couple and even include their favorite flavors. Another fun favorite may be to give guests a goody bag stocked with a variety of Valentine’s Day candy. Guests old and young alike will enjoy the treats, smiling as they eat.


Your Valentine’s Day wedding cake should be showcased in a spectacular venue to mark this all important day! Contact our professional event planner and staff at 937-283-3275. They are ready to assist with all the details of saying “I do” here at the Roberts Centre.

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