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As couples shake things up when it comes to planning their weddings and other activities leading to the big day, many are encouraging a Couples Shower to bring together friends and family from both sides for a fun event.


Couple’s Showers are a growing trend to bring everyone together.


Your Couple’s Shower Theme

The theme of the Couple’s Shower can be anything special to showcase the couple’s love of a hobby, sporting event or to highlight where or how they met. The theme should be fun to encourage a festive atmosphere. Instead of traditional gifts, the theme could be to stock the bar or the pantry. Or everyone bring a gift keeping with something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue. There are sure to be great stories attached to these gifts.

Food for All

Since this event will bring a variety of people together to celebrate the happy couple, food will be an important element for all. Offering an eclectic menu may be helpful to cover those with heartier appetites versus the diet-conscious. A fun twist can be to select menu options that centers around a type of food the couple enjoyed while dating like Italian, Mexican or Thai, the possibilities are endless here. They may have favorites they want to blend together. Let’s eat!

Mingle Together at your Couple’s Shower

A Couples Shower is intended to be inclusive so carry that out in the planning to ensure it’s an interactive setting. Have everyone introduce themselves and share how they know the couple. High school and college friends…time to share those great tales from years of friendship. This is also a good bonding opportunity for everyone in the wedding who may not know each other.

Couple’s Shower Decor

Select gender neutral colors and add little accents that everyone will appreciate. Little details go a long way.


Couple’s Showers can be a casual event to make sure everyone is able to relax & have fun.


Keep it Casual

Keeping it casual will make everyone feel comfortable. Have a relaxed setting and go easy on the event itinerary. A fun idea could be to set up areas like a photo booth so everyone can strike a silly pose.


Couple’s Shower games can see who knows who the best.


Team Couple

Think of a few shower games that will pit the guys against the girls to see who knows the couple best. Or have the couple split up and join teams of shower guests for a fun version of wedding charades. Lots of laughs in store for sure!

Let the Roberts Centre be your one stop venue to host all aspects surrounding your wedding from the engagement party, Couples Shower to the actual day you become one. Our professional event planning staff is ready to help make the first day of your life together flawless. Give us a call at 937-283-3275 to plan all your special moments.

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