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Setting some New Year Resolutions for your wedding planning can save you some stress!

Set out to keep a few wedding resolutions for the New Year as you work to plan the day you say “I do” to your true love. While some of your resolutions help reduce the stress of the big day, others may help keep your purse strings in line other important details.

See if several or all of these resolutions resonate with you when it comes to wedding planning:


Resolve to stick to your wedding budget this year!

The budget! Number one right of the bat and likely the most delicate subject of any wedding is the budget! Vow to stay within the wedding budget, even if this means making adjustments on items or guests invited. The important thing is to not go bankrupt before you exchange vows.

Next is who gets invited to the wedding? Your second cousin removed on your father’s side may not warrant an invitation if you haven’t seen them since you turned double digits. Vow to invite who you want at your wedding, even if it means some family members don’t make the cut.


Resolve to have your ‘maids help out with wedding responsibilities!

Let people help! Weddings are a lot of work and require a lot of hands to pull things off! Likely there are many people in your circle as a couple that you can count on to fill in the gaps. Utilize the crew and breathe a little easier. Vow to delegate tasks that others would really love to help you with! Yes, delegate the small tasks and make your life –and everyone around you — so much easier.

Get organized. In order for people to effectively help, the couple needs to be organized out wedding planning. It will save a lot of confusion and everyone will be glad they volunteered to help. Vow to stay organized with your wedding planning.

Reign in emotions. The stress of the pending nuptials can sometimes cause couples to be emotional about something minor. Remember you are on the same team and love each other. Vow to work through challenges with your fiancé rather than attacking, feeling resentful, or letting problems fester.


Resolve to manage your stress and keep the small things small–it will help you and those around you!

Enjoy the process. Planning a wedding is fun! It’s the moment to blend the couple’s personalities and celebrate the love they share. Work hard to not let the planning become overwhelming and steal the joy of the occasion. Vow to enjoy your engagement, the wedding planning process, and wedding day!

Embrace the unique. Vow to not compare yourself, your relationship, your ring, your wedding, or anything else to others! Love who you are and what you have! It’s your wedding so be unique!

Don’t worry. Things happen on wedding days. Don’t get caught up in the superstition that it’s bad luck if it rains on your wedding day. Grab an umbrella and get to the altar.

Vow to not worry about things out of your control. With proper planning, even unexpected things like bad weather won’t derail your happy day. Vow not to sweat the small stuff on your wedding day.

Give thanks! Make sure to express your gratitude to everyone who helped make your wedding day extra special. Vow to write “thank you” notes to everyone who gifted something to you or helped with your wedding.

As a way of ensuring you keep these resolutions, our event planning staff here at Roberts Centre can offer assistance in a number of ways. We have options to fit your budget and dedicated professionals to eliminate the stress. See you can already check off two resolutions! Give us a call at 937-283-3275 to make an appointment to plan your wedding here.


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