Tips for Making Your Wedding Guest List

deciding on a guest list
02/15 Posted by

Making your wedding guest list will likely be one of the most difficult tasks during the wedding planning process. Given all of the forces like budgetary constraints, reception site considerations and parental opinions, how many people to invite and exactly... Read More

Gifting The Bridal Party

11/14 Posted by

You’ve already scoured the internet for creative ways to ask your nearest and dearest to stand up with you at the altar. You’ve spent countless hours narrowing down your color scheme and finally picking a bridesmaid dress that you swear... Read More

5 Explosive Topics for Engaged Couples

03/14 Posted by

While movies and magazines portray engagements as a time filled with cake tastings and happy little butterflies, it can sometimes turn into something much more heated and intense. Being engaged means the decisions you make and the directions you go... Read More