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Your photographer has one of the most important jobs on your big day, so it’s essential that you choose someone who is easy to work with and reflects your style. During your search for the perfect photographer, don’t forget to ask these important questions.

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1.     How many images will we receive after the wedding?

Photographers take around 1500 photos during a wedding, but chances are they won’t be sending all of those to you! Anywhere from 100 to 400 photos is more likely the amount that you’ll receive. If you are working with an amateur photographer, this is a very important question to ask, as they may not be familiar with the industry standard yet. Make sure you will be getting at least 100 photos.

2.     When will we receive the picture proofs, and how?

Every photographer has a different system for proofing images. The most common practice is to post the photos onto a password-protected page on their website for you to view.  The key is to find out what your photographer’s system is so that you can get your photos sooner rather than later.

3.     Do we get the final images on a disk or must we order prints from you?

Some photographers prefer to keep the digital files and have you order prints from them. Just keep in mind that if you choose a photographer who uses this method, you won’t be able to print and distribute copies of your wedding photos without their permission (and you won’t have the digital files anyway). Another option is for the photographer to provide you with a disc of the images. Usually this will come with the photographer’s consent to print copies of the photos.

4.     What will you wear on the day of the wedding?

This may not be something you’d think about, but your photographer will be up close and personal for every part of the wedding. If your wedding has a strict dress code, let him or her know.

5.     Do you back up your images online just in case?

And here’s your worst nightmare:

It’s weeks after the wedding, and your photos should be completely edited and posted for proofing soon. Then you get a call from your photographer saying their external hard drive crashed… and took all your wedding photos with it.

Avoid the Bridezilla-apocalyptic-reign-of-terror. Ask your photographer if they store their images in multiple places in case of technical problems. Whether they store them online, in all 17 of their external hard drives or on a flash drive they keep hidden under a floorboard of their closet – it doesn’t matter. Just make sure they have backups.

6.     What’s your typical wedding day schedule?

Not all of us spend the majority of our weekends at weddings – but photographers do! They’re the pros when it comes to knowing the general flow of a wedding and when it works best to capture certain shots. Open the conversation to scheduling and let them share their wisdom.

7.     Can we view a full album for a wedding you shot?

This is one of the best ways to get an idea of what you’ll receive after the wedding.  Rather than basing your judgments off of the photographer’s highlight reel on their website, you’ll get to see the real deal. This will also show you how the photographer captures the day as a whole – do they focus on all the aspects you want to focus on? Do they capture the emotions of the moment or do they go for more traditional shots?

8.     What happens if you get sick and cannot shoot the wedding?

In case of an emergency or illness, you’ll want to make sure that your photographer has a backup plan. Some photographers will have a second photographer scheduled to come with them anyway, and this person can stand in for them in a situation that inhibits your photographer from coming. Others will reach out to photographers that they have in their professional network who may be able to replicate their style. Either way, make sure you’re in the loop as to the protocol so you know what to expect if something does happen.


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