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Your wedding budget can be a difficult conversation topic in general. When you factor in asking for money from your parents and future in-laws, things can get even stickier. The tips below will help you navigate the wedding budget conversation without a hitch (so you’ll still end up getting hitched!).

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Talk to Your Fiancé First

Now that you’re engaged, you’ll begin to make decisions together as a couple. The style and magnitude of your wedding is one of the first things you will need to discuss, as it will directly influence the rest of your planning. Be sure to talk about the size of the guest list and how extravagant or DIY you envision the wedding will be. Only move further into planning once the two of you are on the same page.

See a Wedding Consultant

A wedding consultant is well-versed in everything to do with weddings, and the budget is no exception. They will also be familiar with local vendors and their average rates, so he or she can make recommendations appropriate for your budget. You can reach Roberts Centre’s wedding consultant, Angela Reagan, at (937) 283-3272 or angela@robertscentre.com, to set up an appointment.

Get Estimates

Before you talk to the parents about their contribution, make sure that you have realistic numbers to work with. Just like any other major purchase or investment, they’ll want to know what to expect so that they can plan appropriately. Contact the vendors you are interested in, ensure they are available for your wedding day, and then get a price quote specific to your wedding.

Figure Out What You Can Afford Individually

If your parents or his parents are not able to contribute to the wedding financially, you’ll want to know a ballpark figure of what you and your fiancé can afford if the wedding cost is left up to you. Knowing this amount can also help with later discussions with your parents – for instance, “We are saving up to pay for the DJ’s final amount due, but do you think you could help with the first deposit?” This will show them you’ve done the research and will be paying the bulk of the bill, but you are just looking for a little help where they can manage.

No Strings Attached

If a parent agrees to give financially to the wedding, make sure there are no strings attached to their contribution. Are they expecting to have a say in the decision making process since they are helping foot the bill? Set the record straight, before any checks are written or agreements made. Ensure that this is a gift, and not a loan.

Be Specific

Present to your parents a list of your vendors and their costs (for flowers, catering, cake, photographer, etc.) and ask which of the expenses they would feel comfortable contributing towards. Be specific about which expense they’re covering – it’s not just “food for the reception,” there are appetizers, a cake, catering, cocktails, etc. Make sure they know what they’re getting into.


With all of these tips, you can step confidently into the budgeting part of the wedding planning process. Share with us on Facebook or Twitter about how you have handled, or plan to handle, the wedding budget conversation with your family. Best of luck!

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