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Making your wedding guest list will likely be one of the most difficult tasks during the wedding planning process. Given all of the forces like budgetary constraints, reception site considerations and parental opinions, how many people to invite and exactly who to invite will be big decisions made in the initial planning period. Here are some tips for making your wedding guest list.

Wedding Guests: Not everyone makes the cut

notebook for a wedding guest list

Like any set of rules, there are always exceptions, so use your best judgment.

Start by creating an initial list, which will likely be packed with every single friend, family member and business acquaintance that comes to mind. Now you must divide and conquer! It may sound harsh but the best way to get organized is to make a separate list of those that absolutely have to be invited. Then place the rest of the potential invitees in order of importance.

Mind the budget


You may feel bad about cutting people, but the reality is, it is one of the simplest ways to save money and have the wedding of your dreams.

Having a general budget and guest list estimate will help you eliminate venues that are out of your price range and that not the appropriate for the size of your wedding. Whether you start with your budget or your expected guest list, you should come up with at least a ballpark figure for your guest list before you start visiting possible ceremony and reception sites.

Avoid last minute add-ons

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If your families are footing part of the wedding bill, you will likely have to reach an agreeable final guest list. Key Word: Compromise.

In the early stages of planning you may want share your budget and guest list with your parents and your future in-laws, they are likely to be the ones insisting you add additional guests. If they know upfront what you can afford and what you have in mind, they will be more likely to refrain from personal requests. If either set of parents still insists on adding additional guests, simply remind them of your limits and that additional guests cost extra money. Perhaps they will even volunteer to cover additional expenses in the case of a list expansion.

Wedding Guest List: Ditch the guilt

Bride and Groom at Summer Wedding

You may feel bad about cutting people, but the reality is, it is one of the simplest ways to save money and have the wedding of your dreams.

Your wedding day should include the most important people in your life. Focus on the ones who matter now and don’t feel awkward about not inviting an old friend you run into occasionally at the grocery store. Your wedding should not be a reunion for every person you have known since grade school.Deciding on Guest List

If you’re married or newly engaged, what are some of your rules for narrowing down the guest list? Join the conversation and let us know what you think about these guest list tips on Twitter and Facebook!

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