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Do not wait to complete your wedding gift registry until the last minute before your big day. You do not need to have your list complete immediately, but it is wise to have a selection for guests to begin browsing the minute they receive their invitation!

Register Together


Wedding registries are a big deal for most engaged couples. The registration process is one of the few wedding-planning tasks that grooms enjoy!

It might seem obvious, but you definitely embark out into the retail world together when registering for your wedding gifts. After all, the wedding presents are for both of you as a couple. If your schedules are too hectic or if you would prefer the convenience of registering from your couch, most retailers allow you to do so online.


Take Inventory


Create a registry, but skip the basics if you and your fiancé live together and already own the essential items.

Before you get trigger happy and scan every shiny vase and unusual gadget that catches your eye, you should take a pragmatic approach to what you actually need and want compared to what you already have. Wedding gift registry is an opportunity to combine both of your styles in the next chapter of your lives together.


Interview Retailer


Registry Specialists are skilled helping soon-to-wed pairs navigate the often-daunting task of creating a registry. Whether you’re outfitting a room from scratch or just upgrading the space they already live in.

In order to completely understand how gift registry works, just ask! Larger retailers often times have an appointed registry specialist who can walk you through the entire process. Crucial questions you should ask:

  • How long will the registry stay active?
  • Are there perks for registering there?
  • Is shipping available to our desired address if guests purchase products online and in store?
  • How will the retailer keep track of registry purchases?
  • What are the terms of the return policy?

Choose Multiple Stores and Update Registry Often


The number of items on your registry should be number of your wedding guests, times two which will make shopping easier for your guests!

One is never enough! In order to satisfy the needs and wants of both you and your fiancé, register at multiple retailers. Registering at multiple stores with a variety of items, at various price points, gives your guests more options! Also, check in with your registry to see if more items are needed. Typically there will be various parties leading up to your wedding, for which guests will be selecting gifts. You will want to make sure there are plenty of options available as you get closer to the actual wedding.

Contrary to popular belief, wedding gifts are not mandatory, though they are very much appreciated. Some couples may feel awkward about registering for specific items, but in reality, it is a relief for guests who do not know what you need, like or already have.

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