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You’ve already scoured the internet for creative ways to ask your nearest and dearest to stand up with you at the altar. You’ve spent countless hours narrowing down your color scheme and finally picking a bridesmaid dress that you swear will look good on everyone and that they can hopefully wear again. Now, all that’s left to do is pick out the perfect gifts for your bridal party. A token of your appreciation  for their wedding contributions.

Traditionally, brides give their maids a small gift before the wedding as a symbol of their appreciation for all of their hard work leading up to the big day. Stuffing hundreds of envelopes, hosting bridal showers, and planning bachelorette parties definitely warrants a thank you!

When bridal party gifts, keep it all in the same price range but just make it a GIFT.  It does not have to match or be related to the wedding.  It is a thank you for being your attendant, a token of appreciation and expression of your love for them.


Tote Bag

fabric bag isolated on white background with clipping path

Every girl needs a simple tote bag…and a personalized one is even better!

Tote bags are great for carrying essential items on your wedding day and can be used afterwards for everyday.  Remember to fill the tote bags with goodies for your girls.


Bridesmaids will feel special with personalized stationery bearing their initials.

Bridesmaids will feel special with personalized stationery bearing their initials.

As a thank you to your leading ladies, gift them with a personalized set of stationery.


Spa Set

Spa Bag - small

Small indulgences are always a welcome gift

Although bridesmaids are likely to be more relaxed than the bride, they still have their own share of anxiety and excitement. Soothe them with a set of luxurious toiletries more likely to be found at a spa than a wedding.



Jewelry - small

Jewelry to wear for your wedding…and beyond.

A creative way to unify your wedding party is to coordinate some of the bridesmaid’s accessories. Earrings, bracelets, or necklaces to match the bridesmaid dresses. To personalize this gift, give each girl a different piece from the same collection.


Nightshirts or Robes

Bathrobes -Small

Help your bridal team relax while they prep for your wedding with comfortable loungewear.

A monogrammed nightshirt or robe for the bridesmaids is not only personalized, it’s also something your maids can wear pre-wedding and long after the big day.


Are you a bridesmaid or a bride-to-be? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or received? Share with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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