Deciphering Wedding Guest Dress Code

wedding guest dress code
06/14 Posted by

We’ve all been there – it’s the day of your friend’s wedding, and you’re scrambling into the kitchen to find the wedding invitation, saying “What should I wear?”  Once you find it, held down by the pizza delivery magnet and... Read More

5 Explosive Topics for Engaged Couples

03/14 Posted by

While movies and magazines portray engagements as a time filled with cake tastings and happy little butterflies, it can sometimes turn into something much more heated and intense. Being engaged means the decisions you make and the directions you go... Read More

Controlling Your Inner Bridezilla

02/14 Posted by

Every bride feels stressed out at some point during their engagement, but it’s how she handles that stress that determines whether she transforms into “bridezilla”. This happens when wedding planning becomes the bride’s sole focus, and her attitude turns from... Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Toasts

02/14 Posted by

If you’ve been given the title Maid of Honor or Best Man at your friend’s wedding, you are generally expected to make a toast during the reception. Using the tips below, you can wow the crowd. Do’s Practice. Practice. Practice.... Read More