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After a wonderful wedding day, the honeymoon was just what you and your spouse needed. Here’s to hoping you’re now feeling rejuvenated and jubilant with newlywed bliss — you’re finally married!

So… now what?

Once all the planning is done, to-do lists checked off and wedding rings on, a bride can feel a little lost as to what to do next. This list is designed to help you tie off the loose ends of the wedding, and send you off as a newlywed Mrs.

Deal with the Dress

If you plan on keeping your wedding dress for many years to come, you’ll need to preserve it as soon as possible. After all, it was an investment! To preserve the dress professionally, contact a gown preservation specialist. If you would simply like to store your gown at home, keep it in a cool, dry closet space inside. Not the basement or a storage room – keep it in a climate controlled area.


It’s important to preserve your wedding dress immediately after the wedding.

Thank You and No Thank You

Once you’re home, take an evening to go through all the gifts and cards with your new spouse. Be sure to keep a running list of who gave what, so that you can send a thank you note to each of them. If you have any duplicates, make returns or exchanges as soon as possible – and still send a thank you note to those who gave you the duplicate gifts!­


Make gift returns or exchanges ASAP — some stores even have incentives for completing your registry with them.

Change Your Name

Changing your name after the wedding is no simple task, and requirements vary from state to state, so research before you start the process. Usually the first task is to change your name at the Social Security Administration. You’ll also need to update your driver’s license and passport, as well as the Human Resources department at your place of work. Don’t forget to update your bank accounts, credit cards, utility accounts, rental agreements, and insurance policies.

Get Wedding Photos Printed

Once you receive the wedding photos from your photographer, get them printed and in a photo album as soon as possible. It will be worth it when you’re able to thumb through all your photos on your first anniversary!


Make your photo album while the details of the day are still fresh in your memory.

Have the Money Talk

Now that you’re home, it’s time to get all the gritty financial details worked out if you haven’t already. Talk about all your debts, spending habits, budgeting, and whether you’ll keep your credit and bank accounts separate or joint. Just as you navigated the wedding budget conversation carefully with your family, you’ll need to do the same with your new spouse on an individual level – you’re a team now!


Clear up any financial issues right from the get-go.


The wedding chaos is over with, so start off your marriage by reconnecting with the friends and family members you may have neglected during the engagement. While the temptation may arise to simply find other couples to hang out with, don’t forget your single friends!


Married life should still include a circle of friends!

Have some post-wedding tips of your own? Share with us on Twitter and Facebook about what you’ve found is helpful to do after you get home from your honeymoon. Best wishes on your new life together!

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