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Every bride feels stressed out at some point during their engagement, but it’s how she handles that stress that determines whether she transforms into “bridezilla”. This happens when wedding planning becomes the bride’s sole focus, and her attitude turns from one of excitement and post-proposal bliss, to one of obsession, intensity and absolute perfection. Relationships and reality fall to the wayside, and the wedding takes first priority across the board. If you think you (or a friend) may be at risk of becoming bridezilla, use the image below to get your diagnosis. You’ll find all the de-stressing tips you need below.


Make Time for a Hobby

Remember the hobbies you had before you got engaged? Take an afternoon off of wedding planning, and pick it up again. It will do you good to give your brain a break and just have some fun.

Hit the Road, Jack

Go for a walk! Take 10 or 15 minutes for a stroll, preferably outside where you can be surrounded by nature.


Turn off your phone. Whether it’s text messages from bridesmaids or phone calls from the florist — they can all wait. Give yourself at least an hour a day without any device buzzing for your attention. This goes for computers and tablets too.

Hang Out With Your Gals

Your single life is coming to an end, so live it up with your favorite ladies in your spare time. After all, married life won’t allow for as much friends-time as you’re used to having now. This is the perfect time to lean on your closest friends (and hand off a few wedding tasks in the process).

Treat Yourself

Take some time to pamper yourself. Go get a mani /pedi, shop for a new blouse for the honeymoon, or snack on some sweets. Just make time to take it easy!

If you find yourself swamped with the details, contact us today at 937-283-3272. We can help you coordinate your wedding at Roberts Centre.

How are you managing the wedding planning stress? Leave us a comment below or chat with us on Twitter @RobertsCentre if you have any other de-stressing tips to share!

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