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Love at First Flight: Max and Erma’s Wilmington’s New Bar Menu!

new bar menu
12/18 Posted by

We’re topping off 2018 with our best offering of the year at our on-site Max & Erma’s—a brand new offering of craft brews and delicious dishes! What’s on Max & Erma’s Wilmington’s new bar menu? Read on! Hand Crafted Local... Read More

The Holiday Inn Wilmington at Roberts Centre Introduces UN-WINE

11/18 Posted by

We understand you. After a long day of conferences, conventions, special events, shopping at Tanger Outlets in Jeffersonville, or driving from the three largest cities in Ohio, Dayton, Columbus, or Cincinnati, you’re ready to relax in one of our spacious... Read More

How to Plan a Flower Shower

roberts centre
01/18 Posted by

Is the lovely bride in your life on a shoestring budget? A flower shower is the perfect way to give the bride a practical gift while lessening some of the wedding planning stress. What IS a Flower Shower? First, what... Read More

Eukanuba Hall Hosts Messenger Dog Evaluation

belgian sheepdogs
05/17 Posted by

Did you know there’s more to dog shows than trips around the ring? Beyond seeing which dog is the best example of the breed standard, many dog shows have specialty competitions that show off a particular skill such as agility... Read More

Hosting the Best Brainstorming Session

09/15 Posted by

A brain storming session is a way for your business or organization to spend some time fostering new ideas.  It’s a way to shake things up, and get everyone out of their comfort zone to generate “out of the box”... Read More

Planning a Professional Conference

09/15 Posted by

Selecting a conference center for corporate or group gatherings can sometimes be a difficult task. Whether your party consists of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of attendees your professional conference venue choice will be remembered. The overall success of your... Read More

Hosting a Baby Shower

08/15 Posted by

Were you bestowed the honor of Host for a baby shower?  Hosting a successful and stress free baby shower hinges on proper planning and organization. The following tips will help you prepare a successful shower and ensure the guest of... Read More

Prime Rib Saturdays

12/13 Posted by

    It’s Prime Time for Prime Rib Join us each and every Saturday evening for a special treat. We will begin serving choice cuts of prime rib each Saturday beginning at 4pm. Tempt your tastebuds with the delicious flavors... Read More

‘Tis The Season…

11/13 Posted by

Is there a ring on your list for Santa?  If you are recently engaged,  or hoping  to be surprised over the holidays, congratulations! Even with the hustle and bustle of the season, we encourage you to give us a call... Read More