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A brain storming session is a way for your business or organization to spend some time fostering new ideas.  It’s a way to shake things up, and get everyone out of their comfort zone to generate “out of the box” thinking to increase sales, gain marketplace or clients, or to simply improve company culture.  To have the most successful brain storming session, your planning should focus on four key items:  venue, amenities, schedule, and activities.

Brainstorming Session Venue


Brainstorming sessions should be away from the office, to better get participants thinking outside the box.


Venue is the most important aspect of a brainstorming session.  These types of meetings should not take place on site of your company; the idea is to get participants away from the office in a professional setting where all participants can feel comfortable expressing unique ideas.  When considering your venue, look for a site that offers flexible meeting spaces in a professional setting.  You’ll want a larger space for addressing the entire group, then areas available for smaller break-out groups.  Make sure your venue is distraction free—a noisy restaurant or park setting may distract from the message you wish to convey to your participants.

Brainstorming Session Necessary Amenities


Audio/visual accessibility is a must for professional meeting venues.


The next consideration should be site amenities.  Focus your search on a venue that has audio/visual capabilities so you can present to the group as a whole, as well as a location that is easily accessible by your participants.

On-site catering is also valuable to your meeting.  Many brainstorming sessions are whole day events with little time for lunch breaks.  On-site catering lets your participants focus wholly on the task at hand.  For a day-long event, plan on offering breakfast, lunch, and one to two small snacks, plus coffee and drinks throughout the day.

Brainstorming Session Schedule


Always have a detailed schedule in advance of the meeting and post it for participants.


Set your schedule in advance of the day and post it for participants.  Make sure you list out expected times for all activities.  For example, here’s a detailed timeline:  8-8:30 Breakfast, 8:30-9:30 Overview/Goals, 9:30-11:30 Breakout Sessions, 11:30-1 Review, 1-1:30 Lunch, 1:30-3:30 Breakout Sessions, 3:30-5:00 Conclusion.  The Overview/Goals time should set the theme of the day; make sure your participants know the issues your session is trying to address, and give an idea of where the group should be at the end of the day.  Breakout sessions are opportunities for small groups to focus in detail on individual areas of concern or issues.  Review times are for sharing with the entire group.  Finally, your conclusion period should again review the day’s goals and list out ideas surrounding them.

Brainstorming Session Activities


Interactive activities keep your participants engaged during a long meeting.


Activities during a brain storming session are crucial to keep participants engaged. Make sure all participants get involved.   Activities can be standard such as a SWOT analysis of the company’s issues or fun like a team building activity.  Schedule an interactive activity to get people moving at least twice throughout the day. Check out our Pinterest board for brainstorming and team building ideas.

Are you ready to schedule your brain storming retreat?  Our team is ready to help! Let the professionals at Roberts Centre make your next function a seamless and successful event. Contact us today at 937-283-3272. We will walk you through every step of the planning process and answer any questions you might have. We are here to cater the event specifically for your needs.

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