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Selecting a conference center for corporate or group gatherings can sometimes be a difficult task. Whether your party consists of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of attendees your professional conference venue choice will be remembered. The overall success of your meeting may also hinge on the real-estate you choose for the particular function you are responsible for planning. You should choose a conference center that provides a professional environment which captures the overall vision of your goals and select a location that inspires success.



A professional conference should reflect your company’s vision. For example, if your company had a slow first quarter and you need to reinforce your team spirit, choose a venue that has enough space to permit team building activities or one that has an available outdoor pavilion.


A professional conference should reflect your company’s vision.


Determine whether or not your group and the event’s agenda will require multiple conference rooms for breakout sessions, or a single large conference center. This will be contingent on the purpose of the occasion but the size of your venue will be the foundation of your event. If you are only in need of one conference room rental, there are fewer factors to consider. For a larger event, there are more considerations but also more opportunities for customization.


Consider your site’s agenda as well as expected attendees when selecting a venue.



Select the right facility that will meet the requirements of the event. Invest time in selecting the optimal location that will serve all necessary purposes for the event.


Select the right facility that will meet the requirements of the event.



Do not overlook crucial details like WIFI access, sound systems, tables and chairs. What technology equipment does the facility provide? You may have to hire an IT trouble shooter for the inevitable computer and projector glitches. Some venues may provide this service as an extra bonus along with any tech equipment they have available.


Do not overlook crucial details like WIFI access and sound systems.



Hotels with on-site conference centers will charge by the number of rooms booked and the amount of meals served.  In order to stay within the event budget, estimate attendance numbers carefully.  The venue will likely have an on-site special events coordinator who can guide you on the most cost effective food and beverage package for your event.


Having an on-site hotel is a huge plus for multi-day conferences.


Our team is ready to help! Let the professionals at Roberts Centre make your next function a seamless and successful event. Contact us today at 937-283-3272. We will walk you through every step of the planning process and answer any questions you might have regarding your next conference. We are here to cater the event specifically for your needs.

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