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The expert event planners at the Roberts Centre make it simple to plan the perfect prom. This celebration is a defining moment for many high schoolers eager to graduate or become seniors the next school year. The best prom events feature good food, musical entertainment and an overall lively atmosphere.

The team at the Roberts Centre can guide any prom committee through planning your school’s prom celebration. Our multipurpose venue ensures every high school student has a night to remember, complete with all the spectacles associated with this coming-of-age tradition. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or flush with cash, Roberts Centre can accommodate a prom that will bring back nostalgia for years to come.

What Goes into Planning the Perfect Prom?

The cornerstone for any celebration starts with basic considerations, such as the event date and ideas for a theme. Once a date is established, it’s time to determine the prom budget. To raise funds, many schools hold raffles, telethons and/or solicit door-to-door donations. Funds are also frequently obtained by charging each prom attendee a flat rate to partake in festivities. Once a budget has been finalized, that’s when the real fun begins.

Choosing the perfect prom venue can be the difference between a lackluster dance party and the soiree of a lifetime. With 90,000 square feet of celebration space, Roberts Centre’s massive conference center can accommodate up to 5,000 people! A successful prom is only as good as the amenities the venue can offer. By holding your event at Roberts Centre, our team can ensure the highest standards in cuisine, music and memories are met at your school’s next prom. 

Roberts Centre exterior

Our expansive conference center offers 80,000 square feet of space, perfect for creating an unforgettable evening.

Who Usually Plans the Prom?

Parent-teacher associations/organizations, as well as students are instrumental in planning each year’s prom. These entities frequently make up a prom-planning committee, through which all major decisions are considered. Oftentimes, a few committee members may have had experience planning or attending a past prom celebration. This can help the group avoid common obstacles facing less-savvy planners.

Sometimes, a school prom is so large that event planning must be divided into smaller subcommittees. These groups may be in charge of decorations, food, entertainment, budgets, prizes, and much more, depending on the needs of the celebration. 

If your organization is having a hard time getting started, call 937.283.3272 to speak with one of Roberts Centre’s dedicated event planners. Our team has experience hosting several past prom events, as well as other keystone celebrations.

How Much Does Planning a Prom Cost?

Individual attendees may spend up to and over $1,000 on prom attire, accessories and transportation. However, the event itself is much more costly and it’s always wise to get the most for your efforts. High school budgets vary, but most proms cost tens of thousands of dollars when factoring in food, music, decorations, small recreational activities, and of course, the venue itself.  

Each Roberts Centre prom package is designed to accommodate your budget, with rates matching your event’s number of guests. Having your guest list prepared before sitting down with our event planners can help determine if your perfect prom is within the event budget.  

What Month Are Most Proms?

High school seniors, and occasionally juniors, are accustomed to prom dates in the last month of the school year. Typically, this makes for a late May or early June event, soon followed by graduation for grade 12 students. Although the earliest mentions of prom began in the late 18th century, National Prom Day was first recognized in 2016. Since then, it is annually observed on March 31, however, we recommend you start planning your ideal prom even long before then!

Roberts Centre interior set up for prom

Let us create the perfect night for your prom celebration.

How Long Does it Take to Plan a Prom?

Prom committees are loath to fall behind in their preparations and usually start planning for the event well in advance. Late August to early September are the best times to convene the first committee meetings, usually to finalize a prom date as well as decide future meeting times. This happens approximately 9-10 months before the day of prom.

Once a budget has been finalized, it’s wise to reserve both your venue and entertainment before the year’s end. Waiting until January or later to book DJs, catering and party locations might yield fewer results, as businesses make commitments to other prom events. Reserving 6-8 months ahead of the evening celebration assures a greater range of times and companies willing to do business for your school’s prom.

The start of the New Year is quickly followed by the resumption of the next school semester or quarter. It also means the prom committee is charged with putting together a list of all the chaperones, event decorators and any other volunteers needed to put on a great event. If personnel can be determined 4-5 months before prom, setting up the venue will be far more organized ahead of the big day. 

In the final 2-3 months before prom, planners will want to obtain a final head count for attendees and sell any remaining tickets for the celebration. It’s also a good time to verify with the venue and any affiliated businesses that your reservations are still current. By now, the most prepared prom committees will have received all decorations and be ready with any other assets needed for the big day.

When prom week beckons, event planners will be on the home stretch, making any last-minute adjustments to personnel or squeezing the last bit of funds from the budget. Once the venue opens, it’s game on, setting up decorations and making space for the entertainment. If all goes well, you’ll be in great shape ahead of prom day, delivering an experience every attendee can appreciate. At Roberts Centre, we’d love to share in your behind-the-scenes experience. Tag us on X, Facebook or Instagram using @robertscentre so we can follow along with your prom planning success.

Prom Packages Galore!

Roberts Centre offers four different prom packages for interested parties. Choose from a selection of the following packages?

  • All Things Comfort
  • All Things Classic
  • All Things Distinguished
  • All Things Indulgent

Each offers separate dinner choices, some with pasta and dessert bar options. Call 937.283.3272 to speak with our dedicated event planners, or fill out a conference center inquiry to learn more. If you’re ready to dive right into scheduling your next social gathering, request a proposal from our team. Our Roberts Centre hospitality team will work with you to accommodate your prom event.

Your school deserves a prom to remember; make Roberts Centre your celebration destination!

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