Location of Your Next Conference

Professional conferences at Roberts Centre
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The Location of your next conference is the most important step in your planning process.  What should you consider when making this key decision?   When securing the perfect location for your next conference in Cincinnati, Dayton or Columbus or... Read More

Dog Shows 101 at Roberts Centre

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Just about everyone loves a cute canine and is drawn into watching them in dog shows highlighting their natural abilities and personalities. Whether you are attending one of the nations’ largest events like the Westminster Dog Show in New York... Read More

Conference Planning 101

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  The logistics of planning a conference can be a full time job and requires dedication over a long period of time to achieve success. A good conference can garner rave reviews on evaluations; however, the smallest issues that didn’t... Read More

Planning a Professional Conference

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Selecting a conference center for corporate or group gatherings can sometimes be a difficult task. Whether your party consists of dozens, hundreds or even thousands of attendees your professional conference venue choice will be remembered. The overall success of your... Read More

Planning the Perfect Retirement Party

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Anyone who has the privilege of celebrating retirement deserves a retirement party thrown in their honor and recognition for a life of hard work and achievement. If you are planning to host a monumental party for a soon-to-be retiree, here are... Read More

Planning a Bridal Shower

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A bridal shower is the perfect occasion to celebrate the bride-to-be, and with the right planning it will be easy to give her the affection and attention that every woman looks forward to as the big day approaches. Bridal showers... Read More