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Do you ever wonder if your business meeting attendees are engaged and paying attention? Are you a business meeting participant that wants to make sure you’re asking the right questions? Here are 7 questions to ask that will keep a business meeting moving in the right direction.

Business Meeting Questions

Here are 7 key questions to ask that will keep a business meeting moving in the right direction

Are We Asking the Right Questions?

If you’re attending a participatory business meeting and the person leading the meeting seems frustrated with the input he or she is receiving from the audience, don’t be afraid to ask this question. A question like this one allows the speaker to address the input that is needed and allows the meeting to refocus. It will also impress the person running the meeting, who will know you are paying attention.

Can We Run These Ideas By Others?

Sometimes business concepts and ideas have been discussed by the same group of people for so long that the idea itself becomes stagnant or loses its focus. Asking if you can run a concept by someone else or a different team with a fresh set of eyes and perspective can spur new ideas and help you to see there are other ways of looking at it with the help of fresh sets of eyes.

How Does This Address Our Mission?

Coworkers and supervisors alike will be impressed with a question that allows the company to pause and make sure ideas and projects they are discussing fit their brand and their mission.

Key Business Meeting Questions

Impress your co-workers and your boss by asking the right business meeting questions.

Can We Get Your Opinion?

Used mostly by the person directing a participatory business meeting, this question should be directed at those in the business meeting who are paying attention but haven’t provided much input. Those that are quiet in the meeting may need a push to provide some input. That push may be the input you need to help take a business meeting concept to the next level. Sometimes the quiet ones just need to be recognized and then they will let loose with strong and powerful ideas.

What Could Go Wrong?

Sometimes business concept ideas look so great on paper that those in attendance at your business meeting will help continue to propel the concept to great heights so the idea looks indestructible. Don’t be afraid to bring everyone back down to earth by playing devil’s advocate for a minute. This allows everyone to take a fresh look at the concept from another angle to see if it has any pitfalls or major issues. Your boss and your company’s bottom line will thank you.

Who Are We Targeting?

You always want to make sure you target the right customers or clientele when you’re brainstorming. This question makes sure you stay focused and your message is hitting the right group.

Business Meeting questions and tips

Make sure you understand and agree upon your target market of customers or clientele when you’re brainstorming.

What Do We Do Next?

Never be afraid to help a meeting move along by asking this question. It helps the moderator and the group realize there are other steps to implement and more to be done in the business meeting.

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Business Meeting Venue

The location and atmosphere of where you host your business meeting is vital to it’s success.

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