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An awards banquet is a time for celebration! Whether your banquet is designed to thank employees for a job well done or to recognize the peers of your industry, your focus should be on the attendees and not the planning. We’ve got the 10 awards banquet ideas you need that will earn you your own award for being an award banquet planning guru.

Plan a Budget

Answer the following questions to help create a budget for your awards banquet:

  • How many award winners are there?
  • How many people will be attending the banquet?
  • How many trophies do you need?

Get Creative With Awards Banquet Ideas

The days of traditional plaque awards are over. Make awards out of your banquet logo or consider making each award different based on the category and the name of the award. These awards are more personal and they will make recipients more excited about receiving them.

Have the Proper Audio Visual Equipment

There is nothing more important to an awards banquet then proper audio visual equipment. Make sure you work with the venue’s audio visual staff to map out how many microphones and microphone stands you need for the event. Make sure you have all the necessary video equipment you need for the awards banquet too, which includes computers and projection screens. Use your screens and videos to help brand your awards banquet.

Awards banquet ideas tip: Put your awards banquet logo on the screens and use LED display effects during the show.]

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We’ve got the 10 awards banquet ideas you need to plan the perfect awards event.

Utilize Multiple Presenters

Your audience might lose interest if there’s only one presenter delivering speeches and handing out awards. Consider utilizing an assistant to help give out awards. You can also try multiple speakers that head to the microphone for 10-15 minutes at a time to pass out awards and help change up the flow of the event.

Prepare for Award Help

Always plan on utilizing the help of at least two volunteers that will help pass out awards and assist winners to the stage. For safety purposes, it’s always best to have someone in place to help those that are still shocked about their award win to notice the stairs they are supposed to use to get on stage.

Hire a Photographer/Videographer

Hopefully the awards banquet you are planning is something that both you and your guests want to remember for years to come. Hire a photographer and a videographer to capture special moments on camera. Attendees love to share photos they are tagged in and your video will get clicks from those who want to re-live those special award winning moments.

Plan Food and Drink Options

Award banquets these days offer lunch, dinner and hors d’oeuvres. If you’re planning a sit-down dinner during your awards banquet, choose an appetizer, a main course, two sides and a dessert.

A variety of drink options should also be available. Evening awards banquets also should offer either a full bar or a wine and beer bar.

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Cultivate your awards banquet ideas to form a theme to set the tone for your event. 


Plan a Theme

hoosing the right theme for your awards banquet will set the tone for your event. Elegant themes, such as flowing white drapes that cover the ceiling, help create a simple, yet stunning look. Consider a red carpet theme for awards banquets that should be big and bold. Guests can be welcomed to the banquet by walking down a red carpet with spotlights shining and tables that are beautifully decorated.

Stay Focused on the Banquet

At the end of the day, always remember that an awards banquet is just that: An awards banquet. Don’t make it more than it needs to be. Also make sure award recipients have an allotted acceptance speech time so their speaking times don’t overshadow the banquet.

Where are you holding your next awards banquet? Located right in the middle of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, The Roberts Centre has an in-house restaurant and offers catering options to help plan the perfect event, utilizing some of the facility’s 80,000 square feet of flexible meeting space. We also offer our own in-house audio visual services. Request a proposal for your next business meeting.

We also have an on-site Holiday Inn to accommodate your meeting needs. Contact us today at (937) 283-3272 to schedule your awards banquet and other special event today!

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