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Social media is a big part of wedding planning. Whether you are planning a wedding hashtag or figuring out how to control wedding tweets and photo posting, there is wedding social media protocol you should follow.


Social media is a big part of our lives, which makes it a big part of most weddings.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Social media is a big part of our lives, which makes it a big part of most weddings. You must decide before your wedding if you are okay with guests posting about your wedding.

If so, provide them with a wedding hashtag! Follow our wedding hashtags cheat sheet to pick the perfect hashtag for your perfect day.

Hand Over Your Instagram

If you are a social media guru but would rather focus on your special day, put down the phone. Instead, consider handing the reins of your social media accounts to a friend or the wedding photographer so you can have fun and see what was posted later that night or the next day.

To stay up to date on what is in this year, follow our 2017 wedding trends guide.

Posting Pictures Protocol

Set the wedding social media tone by laying down a protocol for posting wedding pictures. Guests should get permission from the bride and groom to take pictures of their ceremony. And if you don’t want pictures posted until after the ceremony, tell your guests ahead of time.

Check the Bride and Groom’s Feeds

The couple should always post the first picture, so don’t flood their social media pages or your own page with photos until they have had a chance to post their favorite photo and announce they are now married.


Do Not Upload Embarrassing Photos

This works both ways. The bride and groom should not post embarrassing wedding photos of their guests and guests should not post embarrassing photos of the bride and groom without their permission.

Do Not Overshare

We know it’s tempting to post and share every amazing wedding photo you captured on your phone of the happy couple but don’t flood social media pages with every single photo. The same goes for the happy couple. We do not need to see hundreds of photos from your wedding photographer before you select your best pictures.

Share Your Plans with a Wedding Chalkboard

Are you a social media starlet that is counting on your guests to capture every moment of your wedding. Outline your plan for guests on a cool wedding chalkboard, letting them know upfront they are free to take pictures and share/hashtag them.

Follow these seven tips for wedding chalkboards to learn more.

Some Things Should Never be Shared

There are certain things that should never be shared on social media during or after a wedding. Do not:

  • Post every single detail and picture of someone’s wedding. Leave that to them.
  • Post pictures or share any wedding drama. If two bridesmaids get into a fistfight on the dance floor, it is not your business to highlight it on social media.
  • Post pictures of wedding gifts.

Stay Out of the Way

If you are letting guests take pictures and post them, make sure they stay out of the way of the wedding photographer. Guests should also avoid personal space and not get too close during the first dance just to get the perfect social media photo.


Planning a wedding hashtag or controlling tweets? There is wedding social media protocol to follow.

You Can Ask to Take a Photo Down

Did a guest go too far and post a sarcastic comment or post an unflattering photo? As the bride and groom, it’s acceptable to ask the guest to take down the post or photo.

You Are Welcome to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Are you tired of wedding social media and looking for a private wedding affair? It’s your wedding and you call the shots, so go right ahead. Make a nice sign at the entrance to the wedding ceremony with a message that asks guests to turn off their cell phones and cameras. Promise them you will share your photos with guests that are taken from your professional photographer.

Plan Your Wedding Today

It is time to plan your wedding! The Roberts Centre’s professional wedding event planning staff can help you with your wedding social media plans and help you pick out the perfect wedding package. Located in the middle of Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus in Ohio, we also have an on-site Holiday Inn and a restaurant and an on-site restaurant and bar. Contact the Roberts Centre today at (937) 283-3272 to schedule an appointment to book your wedding today.

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