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We were thrilled to receive this letter of thanks from the Bull Terrier Club of America about the 44th Annual Silverwood National Specialty Weekend that took place this past weekend at Eukanuba Hall here at the Roberts Centre.

Silverwood National Specialty Weekend Dog Show

Hello Twister!

It’s Twister!

Good morning!

I cannot thank you guys enough for all you did to make our Silverwood 2013 weekend the best ever, as expressed not just by our club members but by many of the exhibitors! You guys made me look really good because of your attention to details and your ability to accommodate our requests. The facilities are top-notch and the staff is incredible from top to bottom, even though I was chastised by our delightful waitress at the banquet for going to the chocolate fountain before I finished my vegetables!! I loved working with each and everyone of you!

Judy, a special thanks for your part in our welcome package in the room. We loved the ceramic Bull Terrier and bowl, and it is on our front porch with several other ceramic BT items.

Angie Reagan, your baby is so cute I forgive you for being off when our reservations opened! Thanks for putting up with me for 2 years and always being prompt with answers to my gazillion questions.

Angela Hobbs, I know you wanted to kill me a year ago when you were bombarded with calls and I misunderstood our suite situation! You did a fabulous job of switching rooms around, sending room lists to me, and keeping me happy!

And, last but not least, Jared, who I only had the pleasure of working with for the last six months! You are the best. I love your humor and will miss our daily chats! The mumkin is also on the front porch for all to see. I still am dreaming about BEOs!

We will put in a bid to hold another Silverwood at the Eukanuba Hall, either 2016 or 2017, and will get back with you soon on that.

Hugs to everyone and I know I still owe you cupcakes!

Channa Beth

Enjoy these photos from the event!

Eukanuba Hall at the Roberts Centre
Silverwood dog
Silverwoods are beautiful dogs!
Eukanuba Hall in action
Eukanuba Hall in action
It's Twister!
It's Twister!

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