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Pet friendly hotels

Don’t forget, you need to pack for your pet too!


Staying at a hotel with your dog or cat takes a bit of prep work to make sure every family member enjoys the trip. The anticipation of a road trip is fun for everyone including your pets who know it’s time to go when they see everyone packing. While your dog may even try to help by gathering a few of their favorite things in a pile to take along, your cat may be sitting off watching all the activity wondering if they should get involved.

Prior to all the excitement of packing for your trip, consider what pet-friendly accommodations are available in your destination city. All hotels are not alike when it comes to pet-friendly policies. There are a number of things to find out before you make a reservation and arrive at the hotel with pets in tow.

Finding Pet-Friendly Hotels

pet friendly hotels

Don’t forget to check with the hotel to see what restrictions they may have.


Make sure to understand what pet-friendly means to the hotel and what rules apply to you and your pets. Owners may have to provide proof of their pet’s medical history or other documentation, bring it along just in case.  Most hotels will post on their reservation websites if animals are permitted.  If you can’t find it, don’t hesitate to call ahead.

Size/Breed Restrictions at Hotels

It’s a good idea to talk to the hotel staff to ensure your pet will be allowed. There may be restrictions on the type of breeds and/or size of your pet. Know this up front so you don’t pack up your 150-pound St. Bernard and not be able to check in with him.  Again, if you can’t find it in writing on the reservation website, it’s best to call.  Make sure you get the name of the hotel employee assisting you so you can reference the conversation if needed at check-in.

Hotel Fees for Pets

Many hotels charge an extra fee for pets to cover any damages or cleaning at departure. Ask about fees when making the reservation so there are no surprises at check-in. Ask if a portion of the fee be refunded upon checkout.

Hotel Amenities for Pets

pet hotels

The hotel you choose may have amenities specially created for your furry friend! Inquire ahead to see what they offer.


Some hotels offer special treats for pets at check-in to welcome them like other guests.  Others offer food and water bowls for use during the stay.  Ask if the hotel you are considering offers any.

Pet-Friendly Spaces in Hotels

A big part of staying in hotels with pets is determining what areas are pet-friendly and what are off-limits.  Is there an area on the hotel grounds where you can let your pet roam free for exercise? Some hotels make sure to designate a pet area or have directions to nearby pet-friendly parks. Be sure to scope all this out prior to arrival.

Happy Pets

The new environment of the hotel room may be fun for everyone, but sometimes pets may feel more at home with their favorite toy, pillow or blanket. Make sure to have extra treats on hand since your pet will likely have to demonstrate extra good behavior while in the hotel room. If your pets are used to curling up with you on the couch or bed to watch television without a blanket or towel to prevent their fur or other stains on the furniture, an extra treat might help soothe them over while away from home.

Cats are also of special concern since they may be used to jumping on furniture or finding a high perch to observe the activities. It may be necessary to coax them off the window ledge if the drapery may be damaged during the stay.

Pay close attention to make sure the room is pet-proof during your stay. Check things out from your pet’s vantage point to make sure cords and other objects are secure and they have room to move around.

Leash and Crate Rules at Hotels for Pets

Many hotels ask that you secure your pet while walking about the property on a leash. If the pet will be in the room unattended the hotel may require the pet be placed inside a secure crate, especially if housekeeping staff will access the room while the owner is away. Please make sure you know the guidelines to make the trip less stress for all involved.

Pet-Friendly Facility

pet friendly hotels

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The Roberts Centre Holiday Inn prides itself on providing the highest quality pet-friendly accommodations. Learn more about the pet-friendly environment of the Roberts Centre which hosts a variety of animal-related events throughout the year including dog shows and horse shows. Ask our staff about other pet-friendly amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. And we invite you to take a picture with your pets and share with us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.





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