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Are you trying to plan the perfect wedding this year? It is never too early to find the hottest wedding trends. Follow us down the aisle as we outline the 2017 wedding trends you should follow, or avoid this year.

2017 wedding trends

We have the 2017 wedding trends you need to know about this year.

2017 Wedding Trends Styles

Is it in or is it out this year? Here are the wedding style trend tips you need to know:

Movies and Shows

Movies and shows like “The Crown” are bringing the sophisticated vintage style back to weddings in 2017. Tiaras and wedding crowns are all the rage right now and have television shows and movies to thank. Think vintage gowns and grooms in classic tuxedos with top hats. Follow their lead, watch some old movies for inspiration and try some vintage attire.

Clamor with Glamor

Artisan accents with a glamorous twist are very popular right now. We are not talking homemade accents here. Think sophisticated wedding invitations with gold accents, flowers in your hair, and long flowing headdresses.

What is Out

Sorry ladies. Shabby chic is out, so close the door on it in 2017. Gowns with pastels (not pops) and bright dresses with belts or lacing in contrasting shades are so early 2000s. Think ombre gowns and/or all over pastel instead this year.

Wedding Photography and Video Trends

2017 wedding trends

Utilize journalism photography to create un-posed photos that are more real.


Are you looking for the perfect wedding album and a wedding video that pops? Follow this advice to keep your friends from commenting on your pictures and your video all year long:

Drone Photography

Drones are all the rage. Think how cool your wedding video would be with images that are coming from above and a camera zeroing in on your friends and family? If you want cool photos of you and your bride at the altar, you must be thinking about drones this year.

Facebook Live Posts

If you truly want to up your game, think about broadcasting portions of your wedding on Facebook Live. You are documenting memories you can keep forever while including friends and family that can’t make it to your special day.

Customized Hashtags

Create a custom wedding hashtag to keep your friends and followers included. You will be able to see photos your friends post there to see your wedding from an entirely different perspective.

Photo Booths

Promote a photo booth where friends and family can take pictures and use an app to take photos on your wedding day that fits your wedding theme.

What is Out

Posed photographs are so out. Gone are the days with wedding photo albums full of posed pictures with everyone staring directly into the lens. Utilize journalism photography to create un-posed photos that are more real. First look photography (when parents of the bride or groom see the bride for the first time) is also very popular and fresh this year.

Color Trends

Wedding color trends can turn on a dime. Natural colors are surging so follow this trend closely with this advice:

The Color of the Year Winner: Pantone

The 2017 color of the year is Pantoe, a leafy green color. Mix it with light lavender, which is the 2016 color of the year, and you have a winning wedding color combo!

Blush is Surging Ahead

Blush is booming right now. Blend the soft color with gold or metallic combos. Try navy and wine for a more modern affair.

Gray for Neutral Color

Gray is your game for the neutral color of choice this year. Mix it up with a blue-gray combination or a misty lavender-tined blue. If you are going for a more formal approach, charcoal is perfect for evening and late fall weddings.

What is Out

Neutral wedding colors are yesterday’s news. This year, pick bright colors that pop and do not be afraid to experiment and mix and match.

Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cake trends are constantly changing. We have some tasty trends to peak your wedding taste buds in 2017:

New Tasty Treats

Brides in 2016 revolutionized the wedding dessert table by offering up sweet and tasty treats like donuts and cookies. Delicate tarts, truffles or even shot glass desserts supplement past tradition in a big way.

What is Out

Tried and true confection desserts are not what are being served on the wedding dessert menu cart anymore, so get creative.

Wedding Ceremony Trends

2017 wedding trends

Pick the members of your wedding party without placing tradition restrictions on them.


Tradition is not set in stone. Learn how to mix it up in 2017 with these wedding ceremony ideas:

Mix Up the Wedding Party

Who says the bride can’t have a male maid of honor or the groom can’t have a gal pal on his side of the aisle? And why do flower girls have to be girls? Get your fur babies involved in your wedding if you want to.

What is Out

We are not saying that traditional wedding ceremony trends should be kicked to the curb. Consider them relaxed and pick the members of your wedding party without placing tradition restrictions on them.

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