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Wedding chalkboards are all the craze this wedding season. Whether you’re wishing to give your glam affair a bit of rustic charm or are looking for a unique way to welcome your reception guests or showcase your menu, chalkboards are the new “it” for weddings. Here’s how to craft your own wedding chalkboard for your wedding.

Perfect the Wedding Chalkboard Placement

Chalkboards are a wonderful accent for many different facets of your special day. What makes them fantastic is they work as accents and they’re functional and informative for your guests. Here are some useful ideas for chalkboards:

  • Use a large chalkboard to create a visible seating chart for your guests.
  • Medium-sized chalkboards can be used to welcome guests to the reception or the ceremony or alert guests to a wedding picture booth.
  • Use smaller chalkboards to display and reveal favors or ask guests to sign a wedding book.

Sketch it Out

Always do some doodling and sketch some designs first on scratch paper to get a feel for the design you want. It allows you to see if what you’re thinking in your head translates well on paper and, then, to the chalkboard.

Words: Less is More

We know there are not enough words to describe how awesome your special day is. But when you’re coming up with those catchy phrases for your chalkboards, think of your chalkboard as an ad. Less is more. Plus, having more space on the chalkboard gives you flexibility to create bigger, eye-catching letters and designs that draw your guests’ to those slates.

Chalkboard Tip: Use a level or a measuring tape to space out your words and keep them from slanting downward.

Don’t Forget Fonts

Fonts are important. If you’re having trouble finding a font, get those creative juices flowing by looking at fonts in word processing programs so you can pick out the perfect font for your chalkboards.

Web sites such as daFont.com offer free downloadable fonts that are easy to install too. Dafont.com is da bomb. And yes, they even have a font called da bomb. You can practice writing in the font you want to use if you’re using chalk or transfer that font with graphite transfer paper.

Font tip: Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Get creative.

Chalk or Pens?

Some chalkboard junkies swear that regular, good ‘ol Crayola chalk is still the best option for a classic chalkboard sign. Other options that are trendier these days include paint pens in a variety of colors and ink jet printers that can easily transfer fonts and images to that chalkboard.

Materials Matter

Make sure whatever surface you decide on for your chalkboard is smooth and clean. Basic materials you’ll want to have handy include:

  • A chalkboard base, chalk and erasers
  • Paint pens in chosen colors
  • Graphite transfer paper
  • A laser jet printer

Water and Q-Tips Are Your Friend

Repeat after us. You will mess up your chalkboard creation, probably more than once. Have no fear. Remember that water is your friend when you’re using chalk. Keep a damp cloth nearby to erase mistakes. Don’t use paper towels because they will leave a white paper residue on your chalkboard. When you’re all done, use a damp Q-tip to slowly clean up any smudges and make your edges clean. Now it looks like a professional made that chalkboard!

Plan Your Wedding

If you’re looking at wedding chalkboards, you’re knee deep in wedding preparations already. How exciting! Let The Roberts Centre’s professional event planning staff help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Our wedding event planning staff can help you with all of the details, making sure everything is as perfect as the way those wedding chalkboards are going to turn out. Contact us today at 937-283-3272.

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