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Couples everywhere are utilizing an evergrowing trend of using hashtags during their wedding festivities. Have fun and use winter-themed puns and plays on words to tie in your wedding theme with the winter weather outside. Follow our wedding hashtags cheat sheet to make the hashtag popular on your wedding day.

Names Come First

Start with the ABCs!  Put together your first and last names and then think about adding in nicknames. If you have a corny nickname the two of you made for each other while you were dating, your guests are more likely to remember a hashtag with personal meaning. Translation: Your guests will be using the hashtag like crazy.

It’s best to begin names paired up with a wedding-related word. Try drawing from significant events, hobbies, and personalities to make a hashtag that works. Still stuck? Try utilizing a free wedding hashtag generator online.

Play Up the Puns in Wedding Hashtags

Have fun with your wedding and your wedding hashtags. If your hashtag has a punny, humorous effect that guests love, they will be using the hashtag and creating their own puns too. Make the hashtag memorable by playing with words. Brainstorm using the following pun techniques:

  • Rhymes
  • Alliterations
  • Synonyms

Capitalize New Words

It might look strange to you but capitalizing the first letter of each word in your wedding hashtags helps your guests see where words start and end.

wedding hashtags infographic

Use Numbers When All Else Fails

Are your names too similar? Are you having trouble coming up with something unique? When all else fails, use the year or date of your wedding to make your wedding hashtag perfect. You can also pull inspiration from your wedding date using seasons, months, and holidays.

Spell Check Wedding Hashtags

Your hashtag is perfect, right? Maybe not. Read over it carefully and have your closest friends read it too before it’s approved. There’s nothing worse than spreading the word about a wedding hashtag that has a spelling error in it. Spelling errors are quick deaths for wedding hashtags.

Double Check for Hashtag Popularity

You might have the perfect hashtag but if the exact hashtag has been used before and has a bunch of photos and messages from another event, consider revising your hashtag or adding a number to it. This ensures your photos for your special day aren’t entwined in someone else’s special day. Hijacking someone else’s hashtag is considered a hashtag no-no.

Advertise Your Hashtag

Once you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to spread the word to make sure your wedding hashtag is used early and often on your wedding day. Put that hashtag on everything from saving the date cards to invitations and your wedding website. Consider putting some signs up at your wedding venue and reception area to remind guests where to post the photos.

Plan Your Wedding

If you are forming a wedding hashtag, you are already on the road to planning the perfect wedding. The Roberts Centre’s professional wedding event specialists can help you plan the wedding of your dreams and pick the perfect wedding package. Our wedding specialists can help you with all of the details, making sure everything looks as perfect as your wedding hashtag on your special day. Contact The Roberts Centre today at (937) 283-3272 to schedule an appointment to discuss your dream wedding today.


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