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Whether it’s a small group that’s been newly assigned to a department or a group of volunteers who are the life of an organization, a team building retreat can be a great time to bring everyone together. And while the size of the groups may differ, the goal is universal to bring everyone together to bond and embrace their place on the team.  Team building activities are an excellent way to facilitate this. Here’s how to get started with your next corporate team building conference.


Name Tags & Numbers


Organizers of a team building event can create groups by the color of name tags on assign everyone a series of numbers that will work together during the event.


Team building activities can start as everyone is arriving at the venue. Organizers can create groups by the color of name tags on assign everyone a series of numbers that will work together during the event. A little prior planning can be devoted here to make sure the group is balanced with those who are natural leaders with those who prefer to stay in the background. Once the group is assembled, the first thing they may be tasked with is to find their partner and introduce each other to the larger group. Little details from that initial conversation will be long remembered as they bond.


Icebreaker Activities


Icebreakers get everyone involved and help them remember names of other team members.


As a way to further introduce each other a there are fun icebreakers to get everyone involved and helping them remember names of other team members. A fun one is People Bingo. Again a little pre-planning is necessary to make sure everyone is included on the bingo sheet. Most everyone has played a game of bingo so structure the sheet like a bingo card. Then whoever is first to get the right answers in a row yells “Bingo” to win the game.


Suggested questions:

  1. Who has the most plants on their desk?
  2. Identify the person who can fix anything?
  3. Who has a picture of a pet rabbit in a frame?
  4. Name someone who has a collection of coffee cups?
  5. Which desk can you find snacks and colorful paperclips?
  6. Name a person likes to keep everything neat?
  7. Which co-worker is NOT a morning person?
  8. Who keeps the stash of candy in the office?
  9. During conference calls, who likes to doodle to stay focused?
  10. Check with this person to find the good lunch spots?


Another good icebreaker is to have a list of things that people might keep in their pockets or purse like Chap Stick, a penny, pen, nail clipper, handkerchief, and breath mints. These are easy things to do to include everyone and help them to get to know each other better.


Team Challenges


Team challenges can be a fun way to develop leadership.


Now everyone enjoys a good challenge. This is where you’ll find out who are the leaders in the group, who likes to strategize, who is a foot soldier and who makes it all work. All of these roles are needed on any good team. In certain situations some of those roles may switch depending on what’s needed to accomplish the task.


A scavenger hunt is an activity that would get an entire team involved. And undoubtedly there will be someone on the team to scope out the competition and report back their findings. Someone will rise up to be the leader to guide the way and others will be fine in a supportive to get the job done, exactly like it is in the workplace and other organizations.


Showtime at The Centre


Try different activities that can showcase both extroverts and introverts.


Some people are born performers and others are wallflowers but they are on the same team! An activity that may get everyone involved is karaoke! The wallflower may have a favorite song and will only sing in the car but now they’ve become brave enough to sing at the retreat! It’s a hit and everyone is blown away by their vocal range! Who knew?? The department head knows everyone keeps their distance because they’re the “boss.” So the boss uses an off tune rendition of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams to let everyone laugh and show he’s one of the team too!


Fun Team Building Activities


Add whimsical items to the room to increase engagement.


Consider adding whimsical items to the room like balloons, noise makers, stress balls, beach balls or other fun items to get everyone up and moving and to make it festive and comfortable. It invites everyone to let their guard down and have fun!


Of course music can help pump up the energy and get the team excited and ready to participate. If you decide to put together a soundtrack for the event, it may make a great souvenir for the group to remind them of their time together. Include a mixture of music genres. Image the fun of cheering on a manager singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” or a team winning a race with “Boom Boom Pow,” by the Black Eyed Peas playing in the background. Those will all be great bonding moments for the team to share weeks and months later.


Excited to try out these team building activities at your next team building event?  Our team is ready to help! Let the professionals at Roberts Centre make your next function a seamless and successful event. Contact us today at 937-283-3272. We will walk you through every step of the planning process and answer any questions you might have. We are here to cater the event specifically for your needs.


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