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Are you having trouble writing the perfect wedding vows? Do you have a case of writer’s block? Whether you’re looking for a main focal point for your vows or you need help coming up with ideas, we’ve got the tips you need to write wedding vows that wow.

Read, Read, Read

Read dozens of wedding vows or love poems for inspiration. Even the best writers are constantly reading the work of others for inspiration and to become better writers. Use past examples for inspiration and don’t be afraid to use snippets that you like in your own vows.

Here’s some examples of wedding vows and some love poems you can brush up on.

Agree to a Format with Your Spouse

You want to be on the same page with your wedding vows. We’re not asking you to spill the beans. But you and your partner must come to an agreement on the type and length of your vows before you pick up that pad and pencil. Why? So your partner doesn’t upstage you with lengthy and beautiful vows while your vows come across as short and impersonal.


Jot Down Relationship Notes

Take a walk through your relationship with your soon to be spouse in your head. This will lead to great inspiration for why you want to spend your life with this person. Here are some tips to draw some inspiration:

  • How did you meet?
  • Remember your dates and how you grew closer over time.
  • When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with this person?

Let the Writing Come Out

Write down the things you love about your fiancé. This list will create a treasure trove of details for your vows. Here are some ideas to get your writing going:

  • What do you love most about your partner?
  • What’s the first quality of your loved one that instantly drew you closer?
  • What are the qualities you love that you discovered over time?
  • Is your partner’s laugh or sense of humor infectious?
  • Think of a story or an action you witnessed about your partner that made you realize there was no one else for you.

Wedding Vows are Promises

Vows are promises. Have at least two to three impactful promises in your vows about how you plan to take care of your spouse until death do you part.

Examples of these include:

  • “I promise to always support you.”
  • “I promise to love you unconditionally.”

Some vows can be impactful and one or two can be lighthearted to let your friends and family know how close the two of you are. Need help with a lighthearted but touching vow? Think like this:

  • “I promise to continue to let you control the remote and pick a romantic movie.”
  • “I promise to continue to tell you ‘I love you’ every night before bed.”

Cut Clichés Out

Be original. Give examples of why you love your fiancé. It’s okay to borrow from love poems or even from romantic movies that you and your partner cherish, but when you’re editing your wedding vows, make sure they sound like they’re coming from you and not someone else.

Example: Instead of saying “love is blind,” say something like, “You’re as beautiful to me today at this altar as you are in a sweatshirt and jeans.”

Don’t Get Too Personal

You want to show your friends and family how much you love each other. But some things should be kept among couples. Make sure the vows and stories you tell at the altar are PG. Have a friend read over your vows if you want to make sure there are not too many personal anecdotes your guests don’t need to hear or won’t understand. If guests will corner you for an explanation at the wedding reception, leave it out.

Don’t Be Long Winded

There’s a celebration to be had. Even the most personal and touching wedding vows can put the guests to sleep if you’re too long winded. Don’t talk longer than three to five minutes max and make sure you and your partner agree to a time limit so your vows match up time-wise.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your speech out loud more than once. Your vows should be easy to say and you need to be confident when speaking. Practice your delivery in the mirror and limit the hand motions. If there’s a long sentence that catches your tongue, find ways to shorten it or cut it into two sentences.

Make a Copy

Make a clean copy of the speech for yourself without red marks, scratch outs and notes in the margin. If possible, try to use a note card to remember the main points of your vows and don’t stare at your speech constantly.

Once you’ve delivered those wedding vows perfectly, it’s time to hold a beautiful wedding reception at The Roberts Centre! The Roberts Centre’s wedding event planning staff can help you with all of your wedding details, making sure everything goes off as seamlessly as your wedding vow delivery at the altar. Contact us today at 937-283-3272.

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