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You have selected the key members of your wedding party, congratulations! But what if you feel like some others want to be included? In most cases it is impossible to put everyone in the wedding party. Rest assured, there are plenty of other ceremony roles you can give to those who aren’t bridesmaids or groomsmen.  Sometimes multiple roles are handled by the same person, other times there are barely enough positions for everyone.  Some of these roles are traditional and others are newer or just a matter of a convenience for guests. Regardless, each role will surely make the people chosen feel important.

Here is a list of roles that can be handed out to include more loved ones in your wedding:



A friend or family member serving as a Host or Personal Attendant at your ceremony will help keep things organized for you and the rest of guests.

Greet guests as they enter the ceremony venue and distribute programs prior to the ceremony. If you want your guests to toss bird seed, throw confetti or blow bubbles as you are exiting the venue, the hostess would also be in charge of distributing these items and making sure all of the guests are in formation.

Guest Book Attendant


A Guestbook Attendant at the reception is another welcoming face for arriving guests and serves as a reminder to sign in.

Overseeing the guest book and directing people to sign it as they arrive is another option to involve close friends and family in your wedding. You will want to choose someone who not only knows most of the guests, but who is also friendly and outgoing enough to get people to sign your book.  Assigning this task to two people may be beneficial as one may get caught in conversation and miss guests arriving.



Ushers can wear a few different hats at the wedding ceremony. They help greet guests, distribute programs, and escort people to their seats.

With the exception of the Hostess and the Guest Book Attendant, the Usher is making one of the most important “first impressions” for you. Traditionally, Ushers escort each and every female guest to her seat. However when there is a couple, the Usher should simply walk them to the appropriate section, much like a Host at a restaurant.

Candle Lighters


In some ceremonies, pre-teens aged nine to 12 light candles at the altar just before the mother of the bride is seated.

Older children can be asked to light remembrance candles or other ceremony candles.  The mother of the bride can light one unity taper while the mother of the groom lights the other. They remain lit until the unity ceremony when the couple uses them, or fire taken from them to light the unity candle.

Musician or Singer


A talented musician in your circle whose style fits the theme of your wedding would be a perfect addition to your big day.

Obviously this duty would only apply to someone who is musically inclined, but if you’re lucky enough to have talented musician in your group of friends or family, you can ask them to perform a song during the ceremony.



Think about whom you’d like to read at your wedding but be certain that that are comfortable speaking in public.

Anywhere from one to three people can be chosen as readers at a wedding ceremony.  Consult the officiant to see how many will be needed.  We suggest asking close relatives who weren’t chosen as attendants or older children who were not used as junior attendants.

Marriage License Witness


Your closest friends and family can be valuable participants at your wedding ceremony, rather than just a captive audience that witnesses your nuptials.

Choose an honored friend or relative to be the witness to your signing of your marriage license.

These are just a few of the additional roles you can offer your close friends and family.  Ultimately, you just want to be sure they feel appreciated, even if they aren’t officially part of your wedding party. Additionally, pulling someone aside after the ceremony and personally thanking them for coming or including heartfelt welcome message in your program can go a long way.

Are you newly engaged and struggling to include everyone in your big day?  Join the conversation and let us know what you think about these tips on Twitter and Facebook!

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