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Ah, the cake.  Designed to perfectly complement your wedding theme yet also fantastically stands out as a centerpiece on its own.  But looking beyond the icing, what does the flavor say about you?  Sure, you love chocolate (what girl doesn’t??) but is there a deeper meaning to your flavor of choice?  The answer is a resounding yes!  We will explore some popular flavors so you can see your best fit.

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Vanilla cake lovers are traditional.  This bride wants something borrowed, something blue, and the horse-drawn carriage, too!!  Her wedding will be sophisticated, with every detail planned.

Fruit-flavored cakes

A bride with a fruit-flavored cake such as strawberry just wants to have fun.  Expect lots of laughter and dancing for this wedding, with a bright, cheerful decor pulling it all together.

Chocolate cake

Ah, chocolate cake.  A bride that chooses chocolate is confident, warm, and inviting.  Expect her wedding to be family-focused and quite large since she has a wide social circle.

Non-traditional flavors

A non-traditional bride loves non-traditional flavors.  Flavors such as espresso or spice cake denote a decisive bride.  She’s intellectual, and the wedding “standards” set before her just simply aren’t her thing.  She may get married in a pink ball gown or wear a bright red dress with her bridesmaids in white.  Expect the unexpected with this wedding!  The world is her oyster, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be wearing pearls if she doesn’t want to!

Once you’ve made your selection, give Roberts Centre’s Event Planning staff a call.   Our planners will make your wedding smooth and worry free.  Contact us today at 937-283-3272.

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