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How Much Time From “Will You?” To “I DO”?

As much as every girl dreams of her wedding day, making it all come to fruition can prove difficult even for the most organized go-getters. We’re here to help!

Wedding Planning Procrastinators

Everyone’s approach to wedding planning is different. Some will glance at their list and simply do the biggest, most important tasks, leaving the rest for another day. If you fit into this category of Procrastinators (or any category, for that matter) and find that tasks are piling up, do not hesitate to ask for help! Your bridesmaids and family are a good place to start. Not only can they motivate you and keep you on track, but they can take on a few of those not-so-fun tasks that are keeping you from moving forward.

Wedding Planning List Makers

Others will see this list and take it on as a challenge – these are the Busy List-Makers. And while their enthusiasm and dedication do result in finishing a few more tasks than the Procrastinators, their days are a little over-booked.

Wedding Planning Over Achievers

On the other hand, you have the Over Achievers. These are the ones with clipboards and day planners attached to their hip. Not only do they finish the tasks the Procrastinators and Busy List-Makers completed, but they tack on a few more to the list. If you are one of these, hats off to you! The rest of us will stare jealously.

Since every task on this checklist needs to be completed no matter what your personality, wedding planning can seem daunting; but with the planning checklist below, you will be well-equipped to tackle the project before you. The last thing you want is to feel stressed or overwhelmed during your engagement, so use every resource you have to stay on track, including this checklist and our wedding consultant. To make that easier for you, just contact us at 937-283-3272.

Happy Planning!

Wedding Planning Checklist 03-01

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