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The marriage proposal will likely become the second most memorable day in the couple’s lives behind their actual wedding. There are do’s and don’ts that come into play when planning to pop the big question. Here’s what our experts recommend.

Marriage Proposal Dos:

Do make the art of the proposal special. First make sure you’ve covered the most important part of the proposal; getting a “Yes!” If you are 99.9 percent sure the response will be a yes; then focus your plans to set up for that dramatic moment.

Do your research and know whether it’s expected for parents to give their approval in advance and if other cultural guidelines should be considered. This is not the time for mistakes. You want everything to be perfect so these details are important.

Do consider each of your personalities. If one of you does not like to be the center of attention with others watching, then plan for a more intimate proposal setting; maybe just the two of you. A more outgoing couple may want to have everyone they know to witness the big event!

Do highlight unique features about your true love and use those elements in the proposal.

Do pay attention to the little details that lead to the proposal. Include special moments of when you first met, exchanged “I love you,” or favorite date spot. Each can be an intricate part in the overall art of the proposal.

Do document the event. You’ll likely both be so nervous that you won’t remember certain parts but photos and video can capture the proposal so you can enjoy it for years to come.


Marriage Proposal Don’ts:

Don’t come up with some far-fetched idea about hiding the ring in a dessert or in a wine glass. Leave those tricks for the movies and don’t risk anything happening to the ring. You’ve spent a lot of money on it and the jewel needs to take center stage as intended.

And on that note, make sure there is a ring. Who says they are engaged without having evidence? A ring needs to be produced! Hint: guys–girls like rings. And she wants to show it off to her family, friends, co-workers and anyone else who wants to oh and ah!

Don’t stage the proposal on a holiday or another already designated special day like a birthday or someone else’s wedding day. Create your own special day like the anniversary of your first date or another significant time as a couple. It’s all about you so don’t shortchange the proposal.

Don’t forget to keep things personal. If one of you tends to be on shy side or gets emotional easily and would not want a big audience watching.

Keeping a good perspective on the dos and don’ts with the art of the wedding proposal can ensure everything goes off without a hitch as you become engaged.

Whether it’s the proposal, engagement party or actual wedding and reception, Roberts Centre is a perfect venue to coordinate those important dates for couples. Contact our professional event planner at 937-283-3275 to discuss your needs.

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