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While some couples love several bright colors that pop and a vibrant wedding color palette with lots of variety, others are yearning for a more simplistic color scheme. Interested in how to simplify your color scheme by keeping all of the colors in the same hue? We’ll teach you how to pull off a monochromatic wedding color scheme.

blue monochromatic wedding color

We’ve got the tips you need to pull off a monochromatic wedding color scheme.

What are Monochromatic Colors?

Uno. Just one color. That’s the basis of monochromatic colors. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single color hue that can go lighter or darker by incorporating extended shades, tints and tones of that same color into your color scheme.

Shades, Tones and Tints

Shades, tones and tints are the words you need to remember to make your monochromatic wedding color scheme work. You’ll need to choose a base color first. Then choose shades and tints that make that base color darker and lighter.

Monochromatic Wedding Color Choices

Need some monochromatic wedding color choice options to get a feel for the single color style? Here you go:

  • Fifty shades of white. You can’t go wrong with white, where you can incorporate different blends of white and cream colors to make your monochromatic color scheme pop. Color Choosing Tip: Stick with a color palette that includes natural hues so your flowers and wedding décor don’t clash with your color choice.
  • A blue color scheme will present a desired effect of peace and tranquility while giving your wedding party color choices for their threads that pop.
  • Choose tangerine, orange or yellow for a monochromatic wedding color summer wedding.
pink wedding color flowers

A monochrome wedding color theme can even be incorporated into your flower arrangements.

Wedding Venue Color Choices

The wedding venue will help you decide what monochromatic wedding color schemes work for your venue. Here are some ideas to jolt your color palette:

  • Getting married in a rustic red barn? Consider a light monochromatic color such as cream, light blue or silver. Color Tip: Cream-colored bridesmaid dresses are so “in” right now.
  • Saying “I do” in in an ornate church that’s all white? Consider a heavier color like dark green to offset all the white.
  • Holding a party at a contemporary reception hall that has red curtains? Then don’t choose a bright orange monochromatic color scheme that will clash with the venue.

Why Should You Try a Monochromatic Wedding Color Scheme?

By using a monochromatic wedding color scheme, you’re simplifying your color scheme, which makes it much easier to plan everything from bridesmaid dresses to napkins and table cloths. It simplifies the headache that can become a messy color coordination process.

Benefits of Going Monochrome

Monochrome color palettes can make your wedding easier because:

  • One color creates simplicity.
  • Monochrome colors make it easier to design your wedding.
  • Monochrome backgrounds provide contrasting elements the space they need to be seen.
  • Monochrome colors make a lasting impression, especially when you choose bold base colors.

Don’t Go Overboard

Always remember that monochromatic colors are all about keeping other things besides the color scheme simple. For instance, if you choose a white color scheme, don’t go overboard with white wedding flowers and candles. Less is more in a monochromatic color scheme. Consider just a few white candles on each table.

white wedding color reception tables

If you choose a white wedding color scheme, don’t clutter the table with flowers and candles.

Consider the Ombre Style

Do you like the idea of a monochromatic color scheme but you’re looking for just a bit more color? Consider an ombre effect, which involves the gradual blending of one color hue into another. This effect works best when transitioning tints and shades from light to dark. Consider a black and white or gray and silver color combo style.

Plan Your Monochromatic Wedding

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