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The long-popular spring or summer weddings are now rivaled by Fall wedding ceremonies featuring signature statements of the season. Fall offers an abundance of choices, but as with all weddings, planning is a critical step.  Our wedding specialists make planning your fall wedding at The Roberts Centre a piece of cake by offering wedding packages with all of these awesome ideas!

Fall Weddings

With the rich colors and beautiful outdoors, it’s no wonder why fall weddings are popular.

Transforming the Venue for a Fall Wedding

The rich, vibrant colors of fall with the changing leaves and a wide variety of floral selections can truly help enhance an indoor fall wedding and reception. Simple touches like having flower girls drop fall leaves instead of traditional petals add a subtle hint of fall. Fall weddings are a great opportunity to use seasonal decor like pumpkins or rustic accents which can be an affordable way to enhance the event experience.

Fall Weddings

Use rich jewel tones in your colors to accent the season.

Even the color scheme for bridal attire and reception decor like bold, dark pallets or rich jewel tones can create an elegant Fall atmosphere. Our wedding specialists can assist couples with planning both large and small details of their very special day. Talk to your wedding specialist to create centerpieces with candlelight to add an air of romance to the event and to give the venue an intimate feel.

Fall Menu Options

Wedding reception menu items in the fall can include a heartier selection, especially as the season’s temperatures become cooler. This is definitely when your guests will be looking for bold flavors and warmth from your menu selection. A coffee bar with fall-inspired flavors will also make a nice addition. Our wedding specialist will work with the couple to add other seasonal dishes to the menu.

Fall Weddings

Think rich foods for a fall wedding. Red Velvet cake compliments the season very well!


Whether the setting has a rustic flair or elegant ambiance embellished in fall’s full array of colors, our event staff is ready to assist with your wedding planning. The Roberts Centre offers a variety of options to create the perfect Fall wedding for any couple. Contact us today at 937-283-3272.



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