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Picture this: It’s wedding season and you’re in the pursuit for the perfect color palette to take your nuptials up a notch. Don’t worry–teal is the real deal and is on-trend for 2016 weddings! We’ve got the ins and outs of the popular dark green and blue color that pairs well with so many colors and works great in any wedding season. Just follow our guide to planning the ideal teal wedding.

teal wedding

Make your teal wedding pop with little pops of color. Your bridesmaids will enjoy the teal dresses you choose for them.


Hue Harmony

Pair teal with any of these gorgeous color pairings and your guests will be awe struck at your color palette and your refined taste:

  • Coral
  • Tangerine
  • Cheerful yellow
  • Vibrant red
  • Soft turquoise
  • Pink

Magnify with Metallics

What’s great about teal is it works with so many different colors, including metallics. Consider adding metallics to the scheme to create a stunning effect. A few metallic colors to try include silver, gold and copper.

Teal-Wedding 2


Get Your Partner Involved

If it’s the bride doing the planning, get the guys involved with accents of teal with their sock and tie selections. If the groom selects a different shade of teal it will surely set him apart. Having all of the groomsmen with their legs on chairs to hike up their teal wedding party socks also makes for a great wedding picture.

Gorgeous Gradients

Teal is the perfect color to play with gradients. Stun your guests with a teal to white gradient cake or flowers. For an extra added wedding touch have a manicure with a teal gradient that matches your flowers and your dress.

Play with Props

Make your teal pop by pulling it in with little pops of color. Everyone will be impressed when they see you coming down that aisle with teal shoes under your wedding dress and a stunning bouquet bound with teal ribbon. It’s just enough pop of teal color to tie it all together.

teal wedding

Play up your wedding accent pieces with teal too. Try wedding table centerpieces with teal vases and other teal accent pieces.


Accentuate Your Accents

Play up your wedding accent pieces with teal too. Tiny touches of teal will go a long way to make your reception look magnificent. Try wedding table centerpieces with teal roses and teal glass marbles placed inside glass vases that can hold white tea lights on top. Use teal ribbon and beads to accentuate vases. Or try burlap and lace teal table runners on white linen tables set with white napkins tied in teal ribbons or string.

Get your guests involved in the teal-colored theme craze too. Treat them to a crystal bowl of teal punch as you celebrate your special day.

Plan Your Teal Wedding Event

Are you in the planning stages of your wedding? Give The Robert Centre’s professional event planning staff a call. Our wedding planners can help you with all the details and make sure every accent of teal is in place for your big day. Contact our professional event planner today at 937-283-3275 to schedule an appointment.

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