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With holiday weddings gaining popularity, planning a Thanksgiving wedding is a fun way to bring family traditions into your holiday wedding. The season brings family and friends together for a special meal, just as the Pilgrims did giving thanks around their table so long ago. Couples looking to tie the knot during this holiday often capitalize on the fact that everyone they care most about will already be in town. It’s like getting two for one!


Thanksgiving weddings are a fun way to bring family traditions into your holiday wedding.



Gather Together

Guests with roots in the area of the wedding venue benefit from Thanksgiving weddings because it means saving on travel cost. The only agenda item at Thanksgiving is eating. So everyone will already be in place for the big meal and the wedding gives them an extra outing and chance to connect with more friends and family. The bride and groom are also lucky because they are able to gather more people at one time to share their special day.

Bring Family into the Thanksgiving Wedding Prep

Since Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, after the big meal, football games, and Black Friday shopping there’s still room for more family time. All those extra hands can be utilized putting the finishing touches on wedding details like decorating. And yes, many of the vibrant colors of the season can be incorporated into the wedding scheme, adding a special flair. If planning the wedding on a Saturday, it gives time for last minute prep and rehearsals on Friday. Then Sunday can be designated as a day for departure travel.

Other fun ideas to help add a special touch to a Thanksgiving wedding include displaying a family tree instead of a traditional guestbook. The tree can have family member’s names and also incorporate a branch where friends can be listed. It’s fun and includes everyone to show the joining of two families through the bride and groom.

Decorating for a Thanksgiving Wedding

The array of rich fall colors offer a lot of options for Thanksgiving weddings. Think of adding hues of deep orange or plum to make a bold statement. Then other accents can be used like bedazzling pumpkins or leaves as part of the décor. And at the reception, the table centerpieces can include a collage of photos of the bride and groom over the years from their childhood to courtship.

A Different Taste

Thanksgiving is about eating a great meal and most of the prep work goes into the spread. So by wedding day, everyone is likely still stuffed from the huge plates of food along with second, third or even fourth helpings and are now looking for lighter fare. The catering staff at the Roberts Centre can assist with menu selections and answer other catering questions. Couples may find this helpful as they design the menu with selections with subtle twists of traditional turkey, potatoes and other seasonal varieties presented in different dishes. The menu of tasty entrees will excite wedding guests who may be tired of Thanksgiving leftovers.

A twist on the traditional wedding cake can be to have a Pie Tree of the bride and groom’s favorites. Or have beloved family members bring in their favorite pie stand to create an eclectic family display. Also try a mini/bite sized cupcakes, small bites, or dessert “shots” instead of cake so guests don’t feel like they over ate.

Cool temperatures at Thanksgiving are perfect for a great selection of coffee during the reception. Set up a coffee bar so guests can enjoy a good cup of joe. The bride and groom can even theme a special blend or creamer for guests to enjoy along with other flavors.

Memorable Moments

A holiday wedding is always remembered because the day is a time stamp of sorts. Everyone will remember it was on Thanksgiving weekend. A growing trend at weddings is to have a photo booth for guests to have fun taking silly photos with zany props. So put on the turkey hats or rep your favorite team and say cheese. The resulting photo will be a fun memory and priceless souvenir for the happy couple. And then as the professional photographer captures photos of family members who may only return home once a year and were able to attend the wedding, makes the day more poignant.

Let our event staff here at the Roberts Centre help in planning your Thanksgiving wedding. A casual affair to a formal event, the Roberts Centre can accommodate the entire event in one location. Learn more about the limitless options by contacting our Event Planner at 937-283-3275.

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