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The cars we drive say a lot about us. If you’re planning a car show in Southwest Ohio, one that helps folks in the area find the perfect vehicle, we’re here to help. We’ve got the tips you need to plan a car show that your vendors, car owners and car enthusiast attendees will be talking about for years.

Begin With a Budget

Start with this basic element. Account for every expense and budget line item. Estimate how many cars will be attending and how much money is projected to be made from attendance sales. As the car show draws closer, adjust the budget to accommodate for the correct number of cars and ticket sales.

car show

We’ve got the tips you need to plan a car show that attendees will be talking about for years.

Pre-Show Planning is a Must

Attention to detail is key when you’re planning an auto show. You need to create a detailed plan on where the cars go and what employees or volunteers are going to do and where they will be posted. Some of the details that need to be vetted include:

  • Permits need to be pulled if your car show is outside. Check with local municipality and county officials to figure out the permits you need.
  • Pre-registration and day of event registration procedures
  • Where to assign and place employees or volunteers.
  • A check-in process for owners of cars or car manufacturers.
  • Restroom facilities
  • Traffic control volunteer procedure
  • Signs for bathrooms, entries, exits and for booths.
  • Volunteers to act as judges for auto show contests
  • Maps that clearly show where exhibits, vendors and restrooms are located.
  • Vendors to provide food and drink or pass out free merchandise.

Insure, Insure Insure

Are you hosting a classic car show? Those cars are expensive! If you’re holding an event on your own, we recommend discussing your event insurance needs with an insurance agent. Make sure you discuss insurance requirements with the event staff at private venues too.

car show

Attention to detail is key when you’re planning a car show.

Music is a Must

Entertainment has always been a part of an auto show. Whether it’s a band playing at a classic car show or models walking to music around the latest new cars, music is always part of an auto show. Consider a partnership with a local radio station that will broadcast from your venue while promoting your auto show.

Centrally locate your entertainment so the music can be heard by all participants. This central spot should also be used to announce car show winners for contests.

Advertise Those Autos

Advertising an auto show is important. There are so many outlets in this day and age to get the word out about your car show. Follow this advertising avenue path:

  • Many web sites will let you advertise your auto show for free.
  • Utilize social media pages and online community calendars.
  • Get the word out to local auto clubs.
  • Advertise in the newspapers as the event draws closer.
  • Pass out flyers in the community.
  • Utilize partnerships with radio stations and television stations.

Trophy Time

If your car show is hosting a contest or giving away prizes for best cars in their classic car categories, remember to order trophies for those categories ahead of time. Make sure enough money is spent on the trophies to make winners want to proudly display them on a shelf and give them incentive to come back next year.

Hint: The naming rights to trophies can be a source of revenue and pay for the cost of the trophies.

car show

Your car show can be planned and accommodated at The Roberts Centre.

Car Show Raffles and Auctions

Car enthusiasts love to collect memorabilia. Raffles and auctions are a great way to raise money from donations. Sell tickets that patrons can place in a pot to win donated car prizes or put up an auction tent where people can bid on merchandise or trips.

Parting Gifts: Goodie bags full of flyers, decals, coupons, key chains and more are a nice parting gift for patrons. Consider giving all car show participants a dash plaque too for being a participant.

Venues Matter

Your car show can be planned and accommodated at The Roberts Centre! The Roberts Centre’s event planning and service-oriented staff can help you with all your auto show details, utilizing more than 80,000 square feet of flexible meeting space to fit your needs. Our preferred tradeshow venue space is centrally located between Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus for your auto show needs. Contact us today at 937-283-3272 to schedule your special event today.

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