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The joining of two people, especially in planning a Jewish wedding with a shout of “mazel tov,” is reflective of the couple as individuals along with their ancestral traditions and customs incorporated to create a unique ceremony.


Jewish weddings include an open Chuppah or canopy where the couple exchanges vows.


Jewish weddings include an open Chuppah or canopy where the couple exchanges vows. In Jewish custom the canopy symbolizes the home the couple will build together as husband and wife.

While it’s a traditional must-have in a Jewish wedding, there are no rules about what it should look like and no two are alike; so the bride and groom can design it to fit their personalities. Try draping something unique from the frame such as ribbons with well wishes from your friends and family written on them, or strands of crystals. The size can vary from small and intimate to large and inclusive of both the bride and groom’s families.

Breaking Glass: A Jewish Wedding Tradition

Jewish weddings are steep in tradition and while some may vary, the breaking of the glass is one sure to be included. In breaking of the glass by the groom, and in some cases along with the bride, is a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and reminds the couple of the new life they are forging together.


Modern updates on old traditions create a celebration unique to the couple.

And as the glass is broken, wedding guests shout “Mazel Tov,” and the celebration really begins.

A new trend is preserving the glass pieces to warmly reminisce on for years to come.  Try employing a local artisan to preserve the pieces in a decorative piece or find a beautiful shadowbox frame.

Eat, Dance & Be Merry: Jewish Customs

The Seudah, or reception, is a time for guests to celebrate and entertain the bride and groom with lots of music and dancing.

It is also Jewish custom to have a family elder give a blessing over the wine or Kiddush and a blessing over the Challah bread or Motzi. Additionally the menu for a Jewish wedding will likely follow strict kosher guidelines to keep meat and dairy items separate.


Make your wedding truly yours by intermixing your own style with your family heritage.

A traditional dance the couple may lead is the Hora, where they, along with their parents, are encircled by wedding guests who lift up while seated in chairs.

Jewish couples may want to insure the venue includes a room for their Yihud time, where they retreat together immediately following the ceremony for a few moments alone.

Our staff takes pride in assisting couples showcase their cultural traditions during their wedding ceremony and reception to make the day memorable. Contact our professional event planner at 937-283-3275 to begin the planning process for the day you say “I do.”

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