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Are you planning the perfect wedding but fed up with flower choices? Sick of sweet peas? Think peonies are passé? You’re not alone. A lot of brides are looking for alternative for their wedding bouquets. We’ve got a bouquet brainstorm that will generate alternative garland that will have you walking down the aisle in style.

Fashion Feathers

Looking for a colorful statement that’s light in your hands? Consider an affordable fashionable feather bouquet. You can find the feathers you need at a local crafts store. It’s easy to mix and match the colors. Looking for a feather that will really have your wedding party talking? Incorporate long and colorful peacock feathers into your arrangement for a colorful and sophisticated look.

Button Bouquet Bonanza

There’s a button bouquet trend sweeping the nation that you can tap into. Awesome bouquets with vintage buttons sewn to some leaves of vintage leather give your bouquet a classic look. You can mix and match buttons and make a bouquet that’s really unique. Looking for something old and new? Incorporate buttons from one of your future partner’s clothes for something new and find some buttons from grandma or grandpa’s clothing to make that bouquet special. Find some family members to help you make it to make that bouquet extra special.

Candy Crush It

Planning a fun and affordable wedding with a wedding party that gets your sugar addiction?  If you’re a candy lover, consider a fun candy bouquet such as a lollipop bouquet full of Dum Dums. Your groom can have a quirky Dum Dum boutonniere to match. Let’s be honest. The girls seeking to catch the wedding bouquet would much rather prefer a bouquet of lollipops over a floral bouquet. Feel like involving everyone? Break your wedding bouquet apart at the reception and toss all the lovely ladies a lollipop.

Offbeat Origami

Why use flowers when you can make your own? Origami bouquets of everything from paper flowers to origami place cards, centerpieces and necklaces are so in right now. Grab some colored paper and have fun crafting a unique bouquet.

offbeat wedding bouquets

Beaded Bouquets

Create festive wedding bouquets from beads that can cascade out of a bouquet vase strung with strings full of beads. Cap the bouquet strings with larger colorful beads on the tips that will act as light catchers and stun your guests.

Summer Beach Bouquets

Are you a lover of the beach? Take some of the shells you found with your partner on the beach or shells you kept the night your partner proposed on the shore and craft them into a fun shell bouquet.

Looking for an summer alternative for you or your bridesmaids? Consider a colorful bouquet of clusters of bright pinwheels to add a light and festive vibe to your wedding.

Book Wedding Bouquets

Are you and your partner bookworms? Consider incorporating your favorite novel or poem into a one-of-a-kind bouquet by turning pages of it into a hand-rolled book page flower bouquet. Wrap the black and white words with a colorful ribbon to give those words some flair.

Ditch the Bouquet Concept Altogether

Don’t feel like holding flowers or anything resembling traditional wedding bouquets? There is nothing wrong with that. Here are some ideas for some out of the box concepts:

  • Parasols: Purchase or craft a parasol that you can use to stroll down the island in style.
  • Lanterns: Walking down the aisle at dusk or in an intimate candle-like setting? Find a unique lantern that you can walk down the aisle with.
  • Balloons: Who says you can’t walk down the aisle with a colorful cluster of balloons that are released into the air in celebration at the altar once your wedding is official?

Plan Your Wedding

If you have visions of offbeat wedding bouquets dancing in your head, you are already planning the perfect wedding. The Roberts Centre’s professional wedding event planning staff can help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Our wedding specialist and event planning staff can help you with all of the details, making sure everything looks as good as the offbeat wedding bouquet and wedding theme you choose. Contact us today at 937-283-3272.

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