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It is not uncommon for brides to put in A LOT of extra effort before their wedding in regard to their hair, makeup and their overall appearance so they can look their very best on the big day. It is also not uncommon for brides to ask their bridal party to do a little something extra with their appearance for the wedding. When it comes to dressing your bridal party, you may not be sure how to walk the fine line between asking your friends to look presentable and requesting an extreme makeover. Here are a few tips on dressing your bridal party and keeping them looking uniform and polished without bruising any feelings.

bridal party jumping

There is no rule that the dresses need to be the same.

Share Expectations Early

Most women are aware they will be expected to look pulled-together when they accept an invitation to be a bridesmaid, but sharing the details of your expectations can be very helpful. So tell them what you are thinking beyond the bridesmaid dress! This clear communication will help prevent any unexpected drama if one of your ladies suddenly gets blue hair extensions or a neon orange shellac manicure the day of your wedding.


Are you giving your bridal party creative freedom with their hair or do you prefer a particular style (including any embellishments).

Would you like your bridal party to use the same salon/stylist or on-site service the day of your wedding?


Do you have an expectation for the bridal party makeup in regards to color pallet and style or are they permitted to use their creative freedom?


Do you prefer a particular color or style to be worn on your wedding such as French tips or a muted natural tone?



It is not uncommon for the bride to gift her party with jewelry if a certain statement piece or design is expected. However, if you are giving your party freedom to choose their own accessories, be sure to tell them if there is anything in particular you would like to see? For example gold, silver, pearls, rhinestones etc.


Are you selecting a particular shoe which your bridal party will be expected to purchase or will you allow them to select their own footwear? If they are permitted to select their own shoes, will you expect a uniform style such as closed toe heels, open toe, strappy sandal, flats, suede, patent leather etc?

It will be a long day and the heels coming off at some point during the reception is almost inevitable. Would you prefer a standard color flip flop style or ballet flat to be on standby?

Hand Bags

I think it is safe to say most women carry luggage style bags these days and those will likely be kept tucked away in a bridal suite or staging area. However, lip gloss touch ups and other essential items will be needed throughout the day. Do you prefer your friends have a small clutch in a particular design or color to keep these items close?

Don’t Go Too Far

Understand that asking your closest friends to change how they look for your wedding could be taken with offense. Requesting they change their hair color, cut or grow out hair, cover up a tattoo or lose weight can be insulating. You are essentially saying “How you look on a regular basis is not good enough for my wedding.” So be kind when making any requests for your wedding.

They are There to Support You

bridal party

The job of a good bridesmaid is identical to that of a good friend. 


Know your friends want to look their best on your wedding day and will spend most of their efforts supporting you. Sure, it is not really about them, but being a bridesmaid can make any girl feel on display – from the long walk down the aisle, to the toasts, to the pictures, she knows more eyes are on her than if she were simply a guest.

So try not to let yourself get too caught up in your bridal team’s appearance because most of the attention will be on you anyway. Your bridesmaids are there to support you on a very important day in your life, not just make the scene look prettier. That’s what the flowers are for!

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