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Prom night is one of the most memorable nights for high school students. The evening is filled with excitement from all the preparation of finding the perfect prom dress and tux to impress your date. For the school, the selection of the prom venue is a high-pressure task which plays an important role in creating a night to remember! Here are things to think about when booking a prom venue in Wilmington, Ohio.

Prom venue

For the school, the selection of the prom venue is a high-pressure task which plays an important role in creating a night to remember!


Options for a Prom Venue in Wilmington, Ohio

The prom committee along with adult advisors should create a list of venue options to host the event based on the date, size, location, and price. All these factors will play a key role in the final selection of your prom venue.

Narrow the initial list down to the top three that the committee will then schedule a tour to determine if it will fit the needs of the event. While on the tour with your selected venues, make sure to take detailed notes while your event planner is showing you around the facility. These notes can help you envision the night of the event with your entire committee and help make sure that the venue matches the needs of your event.


Prom Logistics: Tips and Tricks 

Consider if the site is in a central location for prom-goers to easily reach and that is easy to get to. A prom venue in Wilmington, Ohio will be a great location for schools located near Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati. Take into account those who will need to be on-site for decorating and other behind the scenes details need enough time to later dress for the event.

Take advantage of what the venue can do for you so that you don’t have all the heavy lifting on the day of the event! Can your venue help with the decorations throughout the space or have the tables and centerpieces ready? Can they set up the registration table or handle all the lighting for the event? These are great questions to ask when you schedule your tour with the venue.

Grad Entrance at Prom Venue

Don’t overlook the small details like a grand entrance to your prom venue.


Event Arrival

High heels and long prom gowns make a long trek from the parking lot difficult. That’s why it is important to book a venue that has a covered entrance where guests can be dropped off in inclement weather. Also, make sure the venue includes a place near the arrival spot to freshen up. Create a backdrop area for photos near the registration table to allow everyone to gather for a few moments to greet friends and smile for portraits and selfies while checking in for the event.

Your event committee might also look for a venue that can accommodate indoor registration so guests can check-in, rain or shine without a hitch. Don’t forget that your expert event planner knows what works and what doesn’t when planning your prom at their venue. Be sure to ask them for tips while planning your prom!


Catering Dinner

Times have changed and students are looking to have dinner included with the cost of their prom ticket. This is oftentimes a more economical option for the student body and adds another level of elegance to the evening. Work directly with your event planner to ensure that you get an accurate estimate for the number of attendees you are expecting. Your event planner can also provide inclusive packages for catering to help you stick to your budget and have the perfect meal. Also, it is extremely important to remember that many people have dietary restrictions. Be sure to inquire how the venue can accommodate special requests for the night of the event.


Hit the Dance Floor

One of the most important parts of any prom is the music! Your event planner can recommend the best DJ’s they have used in the past and they have seen do the best job at their prom venue in Wilmington, Ohio. Their expertise can ensure that your event is one to remember.

Tip: Secure either the “DJ” or band well in advance to lock in the date on their schedule.


Prom Venue Photos

Make sure you consider things like photo backdrops and social media hashtags when planning prom.

The Social Scene

Make sure to create a hashtag for the student body to share their photos from the festivities. Promote these hashtags everywhere from the ticket to the centerpieces so that students use them in all of their prom photos. Schools typically tag us too at @RobertsCentre  or like us on Facebook. We can help build excitement with social media posts directed at the student body and countdown to the big day. Yes, your prom will be the highlight of the school year!

The Roberts Centre can make your student’s prom dreams come true! Our team can work with your prom committee to transform the space into the most creative theme. Check out our Prom Packages and contact us today at 937-283-3272. We’ll help make it a night to remember from your initial booking to the final dance here at the Roberts Centre.



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