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The temperature has dropped and the snow is coming down. There is no need for despair though if you are planning the perfect winter wedding. Check out our winter wedding dos and don’ts and make your wedding a spectacular winter wonderland.

winter wedding dos and don’ts

Check out our winter wedding dos and don’ts and make your wedding a spectacular winter wonderland.

Do Use Color

Bright and bold colors such as yellow, key lime and bright orange will create a fun backdrop and will pop in the snow if you are getting married outside.

Don’t Make it Holiday-Themed

Unless you are planning a Christmas-theme or other holiday wedding, do not feel obligated to make your winter wedding follow suit with those traditional themes.

Just because you are planning a winter wedding does not also require the use of green, red and winter white to correspond with the season.

Do Dress Your Bridesmaids in Outfits They Love

Who says your wedding party must dress for the season? Excite your bridal party with tea-length or strapless dress options. This will work nicely when your winter wedding party heads inside to a warm reception venue and your ladies can dance the night away in comfort and style.

Do Stay Warm and Hydrated

We know what you are thinking. Strapless or short bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding? Pair the perfect shawl or jacket, boots, and hat to ensure your wedding party looks stunning and stays warm while you are walking down the aisle. Also, staying hydrated is key to keeping your skin glowing and vibrant. Cooler weather means staying on top of drinking water and moisturizing throughout the day to keep everyone happy and healthy.

winter wedding dos and don’ts

Show your appreciation by presenting guests with special winter wedding favors at the end of the evening.

Do Create a Warm and Inviting Reception

After an outside wedding in a cooler climate, your wedding party and your guests will be ready to warm up and start the party! Arrange with the caterer to greet your guests with a warm cider, hot totty or coffee if you are incorporating a cocktail reception. Use candles to create a cozy glow that connects with your outdoor theme. Consider a comfort food-themed dinner of roast with soup options to help guests warm up.

Don’t Let the Reception Overheat Guests

The initial chill will quickly fade after the first few songs and you can expect guests to shed a layer of clothing in order to stay comfortable. Work with your wedding coordinator ahead of time to ensure they will be vigilant in managing the thermostat throughout the evening to keep guests comfortable.

Do Be Courteous to Winter Guests

Friends and family that are willing to brave inclement weather in order to attend your special day are there for all the right reasons! Show your appreciation by presenting them with special winter wedding favors at the end of the evening.

winter wedding dos and don’ts

Consider a comfort food-themed dinner of roast with soup options and a tasty dessert to warm guests up.

Don’t Leave Guests Hanging in the Cold while Taking Pictures

Plan according to the elements and work with your wedding officiant and wedding coordinator to modify what could otherwise be a lengthy ceremony. We are not suggesting that you eliminate all ceremony traditions, but you may have to adjust the itinerary and bring a few elements inside. Also, think about planning ahead with a photo list so you can save your daylight! Meet with your photographer and decide when the best lighting will be for your photos and how much time you will need to get the perfect shot!

Do Plan Your Wedding Reception in a Convenient Location

The Roberts Centre is the perfect venue for a winter wedding! Easily accessible during unpredictable weather, onsite lodging is available and we have a warm and inviting atmosphere for your wedding reception.

The Roberts Centre’s professional wedding event planning staff can help you plan the perfect wedding reception, making sure you pick the proper wedding package and everything is perfect for your special day. We also offer an on-site Holiday Inn and an on-site restaurant and bar. Contact the Roberts Centre today at (937) 283-3272 to schedule an appointment to discuss your winter wedding plans today!

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