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Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, wedding projects are all the rage on Pinterest and Etsy and on the surface, look trendy, fun and affordable. Some might also be time consuming, cost too much money and might not turn out the way you planned. Those wedding projects are better left to professionals because happiness is (sometimes) not homemade. Keeping this in mind, here are 5 things not to DIY at your wedding.

Wedding Party Gifts

Handmade gifts for those standing up for you on your big day are very thoughtful. They are also very time consuming. Unless you or a friend have a thriving side business that can make the wedding party gifts you have in mind, it’s best to find a craft shop or personal shopper to handle your gifts. Be sure to find someone you’re comfortable with and who reflects your personality. In the end, your wedding party won’t know the difference when they receive their thoughtful gifts.

Favors for a Large Wedding

Crafting personal wedding favors for your reception guests sounds like a great idea until the night before your wedding when you’re staring at 200 jars that need honey hand-poured into each one of them. Leave the wedding favors to a local business or friends and family that can put them together over a longer period of time.

The Wedding Cake

As enticing as it seems to tackle this project leave the cake in the hands of a professional baker. Trying to make the perfect cake the night before your wedding is just too much pressure.

wedding DIY-Donts

Wedding Day Photography

Asking a family member or a friend to handle your wedding pictures sounds like a good idea. But what if the pictures don’t turn out? Hire a professional that knows the ins and outs of the wedding photo biz and can handle last minute technology snafus.

Fun fact: You can still add a personal touch to your wedding by adding a photo or a cell phone photo app booth to your reception that will be a big hit with your friends and family.

The Wedding Dress

Repeat after us. “I will not have time before my wedding to create my own wedding dress.” Trust us on this one. Regardless of how many successful costumes or outfits you’ve made from scratch, you don’t want the pressure of making the most important dress you will ever wear. If you can’t find a dress that fits perfectly, find one that’s close enough and take it to a tailor or sewer that can make your dream gown fit like a glove.

Wedding Planning

Even if you’re the most organized person in your inner circle and you have a ton of friends and family to help you, we still recommend hiring a professional event planner to help you plan your special day. Having a professional on hand is the difference from your wedding feeling polished instead of disorganized. Plus, the goal of a professional event planner is to make sure the bride and groom are stress free on their big day.

Are you in the planning stages of your wedding? Give The Roberts Centre’s professional event planning staff a call. Our wedding event planning staff can help you with all the details, making sure everything is in place and looking perfect on your special day. Contact us today at 937-283-3272.

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