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You are planning a beautiful wedding and including all your friends and family. Now tell them how much you appreciate them by using some of our 12 fun alternative wedding favor ideas on your special day.

alternative wedding favor ideas

There is a plethora of lavender wedding favor ideas, including candles and aroma bags that your collector friends will appreciate.

Give Back to the Charity of Your Choice

In lieu of wedding favors, tell your guests you donated to your favorite animal rescue group, an organization that helps and supports our troops or other worthwhile local cause in their names in honor of their attendance on your wedding day. Present them with a personalized monogrammed card that explains where their donation went and how it helped.

Treat Guests to a Portrait

Are you a bride that craves the classic wedding without the wedding social media? Consider hiring an artist to paint portraits of your guests so they have a personalized memento of themselves that will always remind them of your wedding.

No One Turns Down Donuts

Are you planning an evening wedding with a reception that won’t end until midnight? The midnight snack of scrumptious donuts will be very much appreciated by your guests.

Offer Some Olive Oil

The chefs in your life will love a personalized bottle of olive oil. This blends nicely with couples that enjoy the Greek myth that the olive tree serves as the primary symbol of a peaceful co-existence through life.

alternative wedding favor ideas

Try some of our 12 fun alternative wedding favor ideas on your special day.

Gifts for Collectors

Couples looking to offer something special to their collector friends can look for odd tea cups at local thrift stores and personalize them with a liquid gold pen for bridal shower favors. These will work great with a vintage tea bridal party.

There is also a plethora of lavender wedding favor ideas, including candles and aroma bags that your collector friends will appreciate long after the wedding.

Give the Gifts of Spirits

Impress your distilled spirit lovers by offering them a bottle of infused whiskey! Also impress with personalized beer can coolers or a hand forged bottle opener. Small bottles of personalized champagne also will not go to waste.

Personalized Glasses

When guests arrive at the reception, let a table of personalized glasses be the first thing they see. When they grab their glass, a tag with a personalized note and where they are seating can be attached, creating both a personal and a functional touch.

A Bag of Sandals

Whether you are having a beach wedding or an indoor wedding, the ladies will appreciate a wedding favor basket full of comfortable sandals so they know they can kick off their uncomfortable heels and dance in some comfy flip-flops.

Light Up the Night

If you are having a night wedding, offer guests a sparkler with a cute message on each one like, “Let love sparkle” so guests can have fun in a safe setting celebrating your night.

alternative wedding favor ideas

Let your guests know how much you appreciate them with alternative wedding favors.

Help Guests Plan the Song List

You don’t have to wait until the big day to get your guests involved. When you send them their invites, include a small questionnaire that asks them what their favorite song is and what they like to drink. This will help you plan your reception and make them feel special for being involved.

Welcome Bag for Out of Towners

Do you have guests that traveled a long way to come to your wedding? If they are coming from out of state, let them know how much you appreciate them by giving them out of town welcome bags with info about the area and gifts like oranges and sunglasses if they are coming to destination wedding in tropical settings.

You can review all of these alternative wedding favors and more on the Roberts Centre Pinterest board.

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